Recap: Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 – Day 2

Bitcoin Association looks back at the key happenings and highlights from the second day of Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021.

Welcome to the jungle: Gorilla DAO

Bitcoin Association examines decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) with the launch of Gorilla DAO, the first to be built on Bitcoin SV.

DotWallet for Developers 2.0 – New API

DotWallet for Developers V1.0 was launched in November 2019, marking the official transformation of DotWallet from a single wallet app to a complete digital assets management infrastructure provider.

CG Live 2020: Virtual Blockchain Conference

Since the start of the year and right into the spring, CoinGeek’s event team have been busy at work researching the difficulties of conferences that have had to make the sudden switch from in-person to virtual.