Who Should Be Members of the Bitcoin Association?


BSV will be the world’s new money, with fast, secure and instant transactions. Merchants will benefit a more efficient payment system that costs less than traditional payment networks.

Bitcoin Services & Applications

The BSV ecosystem is growing with wallet operators, exchanges, application developers and many other Bitcoin SV infrastructure providers. All companies and organizations contributing to the growth of Bitcoin SV are invited to join.


We understand the need to scale, in order to sustain the mining industry. BSV intends to scale to gigabyte size and one day, terabyte size blocks. BSV will be the world’s global public ledger, processing billions of transactions a day, and earning miners ongoing consistent revenue into the future.


If your business wants to build enterprise-class blockchain applications, Bitcoin SV allows you to do so on a stable protocol. Bitcoin SV will also provide a scaled network to process the huge transaction volumes needed by global companies. For businesses in every industry, explore how BSV will help you launch new business models and truly unlock the power of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Association Advisory Council

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President – Bitcoin Association Chair, Strategic Advisory Board – nChain Group

Calvin Ayre

Owner of CoinGeek & CoinGeek Mining

James Belding

Founder of Tokenized

David Li

Founder of Rawpool

Lin Zheming

CEO & Co-Founder, Mempool

Angela Holowaychuk

CEO of Squire Mining

Alexander Shulgin

Visionary, Investor, Composer, Founder & CEO Gruppa Kompaniy Familia

Dr. Craig S. Wright

Chief Scientist, nChain & Founder of SVPool


Jerry Chan

Regional Manager for Japan & S. Korea

Martin Coxall

Marketing Manager

Lise Li

Regional Manager for China

Brendan Lee

Training and Development Manager

Raylene Wilson

Program Manager


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