Eli Afram

CTO, LAYER2 Technologies

Eli has been a long time advocate of Bitcoin technology and its potential for revolutionary positive change.
Alex Agut

Co-founder & CEO, HandCash

Alex is a product designer and marketer. His passion is making new technologies accessible to everybody by creating amazing products that people love.
Attila Aros
Attila helped launch TonicPow, a Bitcoin SV monetization platform that emerged after winning 2nd place at the first ever BSV Hackathon.
Ryan X. Charles

Founder & CEO, Money Button

Money Button is a simple payment system that uses Bitcoin SV.
Jeff Chen

Founder & CEO, Maxthon

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who created the Maxthon web browser, which attracted millions of users worldwide.
South Korea
Sam Chi – President, Landmark Holdings
After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Business Administration undergraduate degree / MBA degrees and working
South Africa
Lorien Gamaroff

Co-founder & CEO, Centbee

Lorien Gamaroff is the founder/CEO of Bankymoon, a blockchain and digital currency consultancy and co-founder and CEO of Centbee, a
Malaysia & Japan
Masumi Hamahira

Executive Advisor for the Islamic Banking Window, MUFG Bank

Masumi Hamahira has 21 years working experience in the banking and finance industry at MUFG Bank.
Johnny Jaswal

Managing Director and General Counsel, Jaswal Institute

Johnny Jaswal is the Managing Director and General Counsel of the Jaswal Institute, responsible for providing regulatory, legal, government relations,
Bitcoin Association announces European Ambassadors to enhance growth of Bitcoin SV
Stefan Landrock



Stefan Landrock is a german designer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Web- and Application development. He has worked for companies such as SPIEGEL Online, Deutsche Telekom and Art Directors Club (ADC).
Daniel Lipshitz

Founder & CEO, GAP600

Daniel Lipshitz is the founder and CEO of GAP600, a company that facilitates instant, Bitcoin payments & deposits, based on proprietary technology.
Maria Eugenia Lopez

Senior UX Designer, Money Button

Esthon Medeiros

Founder & CEO, RioBlockchain

Esthon is founder & CEO of RioBlockchain – a start-up that enables bill payment with Bitcoin.
Stephan Nilsson

Co-founder & CEO, UNISOT

Stephan Nilsson is the founder and CEO of UNISOT; an “Enterprise Blockchain Service Provider” providing Enterprise Turnkey Solutions that solves the Top-10 problems in Global Supply Chains.
Josh Petty

Founder & CEO, Twetch

Josh Petty is an American Serial Entrepreneur focused on building a new breed of internet applications on Bitcoin (BSV).
Billy Rose

Co-founder & CMO, Twetch

Billy Rose is a digital entrepreneur specializing in growth and design for new and innovative technologies.
Ken Shishido

Tokyo Bitcoin Ventures

Ken Shishido is one of the earliest Bitcoin advocates in Japan since 2011.
Alexander Shulgin

Visionary, Investor, Composer, Founder & CEO, Gruppa Kompaniy Familia

Alexander is a leading world expert on such topics as Transformation of Global Economy, Decentralization of Everything, blockchain technology, and the MES (Media, Entertainment and Sport) sector.
Jan Smit

General Partner & Founder, Two Hop Ventures

Jan is a General Partner and founder of Two Hop Ventures. Two Hop Ventures manages a traditional venture capital fund based in Amsterdam and registered at the Authority Financial Markets in The Netherlands.
Matej Trampuš

Co-founder & CTO, CREA

Matej Trampuš is a Co-Founder and CTO of CREA. He has been fascinated with computer security ever since his father
Lin Zheming

Co-founder & CEO, Mempool

Co-founder & CEO, DotWallet

Trainer, Bitcoin Association

Lin Zheming is the co-founder and CEO of Mempool, a BSV/BTC mining pool and blockchain service provider for applications on top of Bitcoin SV.
George Siosi Samuels

Founder, Honā

Managing Director, Faiā

George is the Managing Director of community-tech consultancy, Faiā, and founder of blockchain-based accountability platform Honā. Featured by Tech In Asia and Slack, he's passionate about bridging gaps between communities and technology.