Attila Aros – Bitcoin Association Ambassador Profile: Panama

From Canada to Panama, MatterCloud CEO Attila Aros is looking to bring his vision – and that of Satoshi Nakamoto – to the world.

Attila Aros is a man who wears many different hats. The Candian-born, Panamanian-based entrepreneur fills his days as the CEO of Bitcoin SV service and infrastructure provider MatterCloud, the CTO of transaction processing pool MatterPool, in addition to serving as a Bitcoin Association Ambassador in his adopted home. 

‘I grew up in Southern Alberta, Canada. I studied computer science and have been working in startups and tech companies for almost 10 years now,’ says Aros.

‘But most of all, I love building things on Bitcoin.’

Since close to inception, Aros has been driven by the original vision for Bitcoin – a journey that has taken him around the world, developing ideas that are now being used to transform the Bitcoin SV ecosystem for businesses and end-users alike – with innovation now emerging from his new home base of Panama.

‘A couple of years ago, I was looking for a country where I could establish my business. I looked at a number of places and found that Panama is a really beautiful country; Spanish is an easy language to learn; the food is great; I love tropical climates; everything seemed great,’ explains Aros.

‘Not long after, I landed in Panama to see what it’s like. And the first day I arrived, I realised that this is going to be my home. I knew immediately in my bones that this was the place for me.’

‘Panama really treats entrepreneurs and businesses with a lot of respect. They have a really favourable taxation system; it’s easy to establish a business there; it’s low cost and they just get out of your way. They want you to come to the country and to grow the economy.’

Panama was the destination, but Aros’ digital asset journey started much earlier: as with many entrepreneurs working to grow the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, the original Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper was the catalyst.

‘A friend of mine mentioned many years ago that there was this thing called Bitcoin – digital money. So he directed me to the white paper and from there, I seized that opportunity to read as much as possible: when I was in University, I picked up a book on privacy and network security, and one of the things I encountered was digicash and David Chaum’s work,’ says Aros.

‘I remember thinking that if we can solve the problem of privacy and security in digital money, then it would change the world. It would empower people in business to take control of their lives in a way that’s never before been possible. So when I heard of Bitcoin, I knew I had to read as much as possible because it seemed like maybe those old problems were finally solved.’

Now established in Panama, Aros has a seat at the table of a small but dedicated community of Bitcoin developers in the country, and he’s committed to seeing that community mature and grow – with innovators like himself leading the way.

‘I think right now, there’s a small, growing community of developers from all over the world that are in Panama, and they understand that digital currencies are the future. But right now, it’s still in the very early phases of understanding how Bitcoin SV is the way forward,’ explains Aros.

‘I think there’s an appetite for being able to learn from other entrepreneurs that have already built things. That would be my next focus: to have some specific coding boot camps and introductions to developing on Bitcoin. There’s definitely a growing community that has decided that Panama is a great place to live and build their businesses. My goal is to spread awareness by focusing on those influencers – the entrepreneurs that already have an appetite for digital currencies, but maybe just haven’t found their way to Bitcoin as of yet.’


Bitcoin Matters

Aros’ search for his entrepreneurial home paid off, founding MatterCloud, a company providing vital infrastructure to companies within the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. MatterCloud is aimed at making it easy for businesses and startups to be able to access and transact on the Bitcoin network.

‘MatterCloud is a Bitcoin service and infrastructure for other developers and businesses. So whether you need to be able to access the Bitcoin network or make transactions or accept money, MatterCloud makes it easy for your business or your startup to be able to do that,’ explains Aros.

‘I built MatterCloud initially as a blockchain indexing service for myself, and others started to use it. Businesses approached me and asked if they could get a higher level of service, a higher throughput. At that point, I realized that in order to do that, I needed to scale up, increase the number of servers and computers that I have, as well as start charging money for the service.’

‘The moment I realized there’s a real business here is when everyone was trying to implement the same thing, but there was no service provider that provided an enterprise-grade service.’

Building off the momentum of MatterCloud, Aros is also active in MatterPool, a project for which he serves as CTO. A mining pool for Bitcoin SV, MatterPool is built around a desire to change the way that the market thinks about transaction processing.

‘The future is about creating services that allow enterprises to be able to save tremendous amounts of data to the blockchain, as well as being able to do new kinds of applications that miners are in the best position to provide,’ says Aros.

If it sounds mysterious, it is: the team behind MatterPool are intentionally keeping their cards close to the chest, but Aros says they are excited to reveal more about just how their vision will be made into reality in the coming months. In other words: watch this space.


Bitcoin Association Ambassador: Panama

As a Bitcoin Association Ambassador to Panama, Aros is taking a lead role in ensuring that as many people as possible understand the broad array of applications possible with the Bitcoin SV blockchain.  

‘I believe that Bitcoin allows us to do things that were not possible before. And that’s really my focus now – to bring this to the world. I’m committed for the rest of my life to make sure that this vision for Bitcoin becomes a reality,’ says Aros.

‘My first exposure to Bitcoin SV was from day one. I knew what the Bitcoin protocol was designed to be and on day one of the hash war, I converted everything to BSV. I could not hold something I didn’t believe in. I could not support something that I knew wouldn’t scale. And so I went all-in on Bitcoin SV from the beginning.’

Aros’ belief in BSV is self-evident from the successful ideas he’s already built for the platform. But he also has his eye on the horizon and the ways that the vision for Bitcoin has yet to be fully realized.

‘Bitcoin has not reached its potential at all. What needs to happen is developers and businesses being able to generate profits: we need more businesses and developers that are able to create sustainable business models that use the unique capabilities of the ledger – from microtransactions all the way up to the unique permissions and access controls that the global ledger provides,’ he says.

‘What’s amazing to me about the Bitcoin protocol is how simple, yet sufficiently advanced, it is to achieve anything you could ever want to do. There’s a purity in the simplicity of how the blockchain works. We know exactly how it was designed from the beginning, and we know that’s all we really need.’

‘We don’t need any other blockchain. They’re all broken in different ways. Bitcoin SV scales and the protocol is the minimal set that will actually possibly work, in any world. So to me, building on Bitcoin SV is just a decision to build on what I started with over five years ago. It’s the same Bitcoin, and I have a stable protocol that I know I can trust and has been tested with time.’