In 2019, Attila helped launch TonicPow, a Bitcoin SV monetization platform that emerged after winning 2nd place at the first ever BSV Hackathon finals in Toronto, Canada.

Attila is now focused on growing his latest venture: MatterCloud — a Bitcoin SV blockchain platform for developers.

Attila graduated from the University of Lethbridge, with a B.Sc. Computer Science in 2008 with a focus on algorithms and database systems.

Previously, he worked at as an Engineering Manager from 2011 and oversaw the growth of their systems to millions of users.

He founded his first startup, Sociavore, in 2013 to help restaurants reach more customers. As CTO, he built an online publishing platform that is still in use by hundreds of restaurants today.

Attila grew up in Alberta, Canada and recently moved to Panamá, where he enjoys hiking and outdoor adventures.