Bitcoin Association Annual Report 2021 – 2022: Outlook for the year ahead

By Ryan Brothwell Published: October 4, 2022
Bitcoin Association Annual Report 2021-2022 Looking ahead

Bitcoin Association has published its 2021 – 2022 annual report video, detailing the phenomenal growth made by the organisation in the last year and its goals for the future.

The video report, introduced by Bitcoin Association’s Managing Director Patrick Prinz, is broken into individual sections and covers the multi-faceted global programme of work undertaken by the Association.

The report’s final section focuses on the outlook for the year ahead and the various events, plans, and initiatives Bitcoin Association aims to introduce over the coming 12 months.

Sadly, this year we say goodbye to the Founding President of Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen, who has been the most prominent advocate of the BSV Blockchain and will continue to be in the years to come. Bitcoin Association wishes him farewell and the best of luck in future endeavours.


A busy year ahead

Bitcoin Association is currently gearing up for an eventful and busy year ahead, with several major events planned including:

  • BSV will take over Africa when it attends the AfricaTech festival in Cape Town in November;
  • The Association recently held a Blockchain Developers Summit in Nigeria – the country’s biggest blockchain event ever – and plans to further boost education initiatives in the region;
  • Bitcoin Association plans to continue working on the IPv6 working group established in 2022 with Latif Ladid and Craig Wright and attend several IoT events in the coming year;
  • Many other global events, conferences, meetups and workshops aimed at advancing BSV in cities such as Bangalore, New York, Abuja. Brisbane, and Cape Town.

A full list of the various initiatives and events Bitcoin Association is participating in is on our events page here.

You can find out more about the progress being made and other developments by watching the full annual report video here.