Bitcoin Association appoints Nicholas King as their Ambassador for The Philippines

By Ryan Brothwell Published: November 10, 2022
Nicholas King BA ambassador

The Bitcoin Association for BSV, the Switzerland-based global non-profit industry organisation that supports the use of the Bitcoin SV blockchain, today announces the appointment of Nicholas King as their ambassador for the Philippines.

King has extensive experience in the blockchain industry and is an invaluable part of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, helping to drive adoption and awareness of the global enterprise blockchain platform in the Philippines and the rest of the world.

King is a UK Citizen who has been a permanent resident in the Philippines for the last 12 years under the Government’s Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV). He left the UK to be with his partner, and now together they have a young family of four children that they both cherish.

During his time in the Philippines, King has built on his multi-decade Blue Chip tech career, further developing his knowledge of blockchain and web3 where he has also been an active investor.

King was first introduced to nChain and the Bitcoin SV by Stefan Matthews, who is the Association’s Chairman, Chairman of nChain and a fellow SRRV holder and permanent Philippine resident.

King has been involved specifically with the BSV ecosystem for over three years now and found being at home for the long lockdown period in the Philippines invaluable for furthering his research and self-education, focusing daily on deepening his knowledge and broadening his exposure to nChain and the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

With this long and extensive period of focused research, King considers nChain to be the market-leading blockchain solution given their thought leadership and ownership of the world’s largest blockchain patent portfolio.

King has 25 years of experience in the traditional banking and financial sector, initially within the tech subsidiary of a major UK bank as an executive selling business process improvement services and associated management information systems. He then went on to work as a Senior Executive at SAP, focused exclusively on managing the relationships with SAP’s UK-based banking clients on a global basis.

He left SAP with other colleagues to co-found and lead a specialist SAP Banking consultancy firm for five years. The consultancy assisted SAP’s banking clients to get more value out of their investment in SAP by helping them improve their business processes by further leveraging the SAP platform.

‘I see the Bitcoin Association as an excellent vehicle to help the world understand the benefits of BSV and nChain’s intellectual property,’ he said.

‘I am thrilled at this opportunity to represent the Bitcoin Association in the Philippines. I am looking forward to discussions with policy and decision-makers in government, business and academic circles about incorporating blockchain technology into their programmes and showing the utility of Bitcoin SV.’

Philippines Blockchain Week 

As an ambassador for the Association, King will be flying the Association’s flag high at the upcoming Philippine Blockchain Week at Newport World Resorts, Manila.

The event will take place from November 28 – December 4 and promises to be the ultimate Web2 to Web3 event. Presented in cooperation with the national government and supported by local and regional media outlets, the week-long celebration will culminate in the Philippine Block Awards, a ceremony recognising the individuals who are building the future.

Attendees can expect curated talks and activities for newcomers and experts alike, where international thought leaders will share learnings and insights on how blockchain is disrupting the way the world lives, works, and plays. Incredible NFT expos, gaming tournaments, and exclusive networking opportunities are also available.

‘Blockchain week is an excellent opportunity for nChain to meet with Philippine National and State Government representatives and local enterprises to discuss how we may help them with their blockchain and Web3 projects,’ said King.