Bitcoin Association for BSV launches video series, ‘Annual Report 2021 – 2022’

Liz Louw Bitcoin Association Writer
By Liz Louw Published: July 29, 2022
BSV Bitcoin Association Annual Report with Patrick Prinz 2021 to 2022

In a first ever for the Bitcoin Association for BSV, we bring you our annual report as a video series. By using this format, we hope to not only keep you abreast of our activities, but to provide you with engaging content that makes it easy to share the projects you’re most excited about with those outside the BSV ecosystem.


Guardians of the Bitcoin protocol and stimulators of the ecosystem

In the first video segment, released today, Patrick Prinz (Managing Director of the Bitcoin Association for BSV) established the BSV ecosystem and the Bitcoin protocol as the organisation’s raison d’être: ‘The association is there for the ecosystem. We are the guardians of the protocol. We are in charge of the technical roadmap and we are giving access to know-how and tooling.’

He states their goals as stimulating innovation and creativity, while being an open and welcoming organisation that allows creative people to experiment with Bitcoin technology.


At the forefront of web3 and more

For Prinz, one of the most exciting aspects of the BSV ecosystem is the technology’s untapped potential, compared to myopic views of Bitcoin as merely a censorship-resistant investment tool. ‘There’s a much bigger vision in the way data can be transferred, the way we have direct communication end-to-end between not just humans and humans, but also humans and machines, machines and humans or machines and machines. And that is a vision that many of us share already.’

In the same way none of us could foresee the Internet that would be born from the primitive email system where you’d have to open up the terminal screen and type in a bunch of server commands to build the email yourself, Prinz reckons that blockchain’s impact on our world is yet unimaginable.


‘Test drive the car before buying it’

As crescendo to his introduction, Prinz advises those who are considering blockchain for their government project or private business endeavour to ‘test drive the car before buying it.’ He points out that very few people are actually using blockchain, as buying cryptocurrency on exchange doesn’t take place on-chain but on a centralised database where price is allocated, similar to the stock exchange. ‘That has nothing to do with blockchain,’ he declares. ‘Experiencing a peer-to-peer, electronic cash transfer and microtransaction, settling in real time, is eye-opening. Testing the performance of a car, testing the reliability, the robustness is what creates demand eventually and makes people realise what works and what doesn’t.’


Stay tuned for the Bitcoin Association for BSV’s Annual Report

Future segments of the ‘Annual Report 2022’ video series will cover the following topics:

  • BA Members
  • Network and infrastructure progress
  • Enterprise events and Hub highlights
  • Ecosystem Updates, including BSV mining’s transaction fee economy
  • Developer tools and resources
  • Developer initiatives and events
  • Technical Standards Committee
  • Enterprise partnerships
  • Public Policy
  • Education, including the Bitcoin SV Academy and partnerships
  • Media and content
  • The Bitcoin Association team
  • Ambassadors

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Bitcoin Association membership and affiliation

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Liz is Content Marketing manager at the Bitcoin Association, and WiBS (Women in Blockchain and STEM) ambassador to the group.