1st Bitcoin Association China Roadtrip

By admin Published: January 6, 2020

The Bitcoin Association (BA) went on its first China Bitcoin SV (BSV) Roadtrip in December. The trip included a visit to Tsinghua University, the first BSV conference held in Beijing, and panels at T-EDGE, China’s most influential tech conference. The purpose of the visit was to speak directly with talented Chinese BSV blockchain developers and inspire them to build a better world with Bitcoin.

The first stop was at Tsinghua University, where Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen and nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright met with over 50 invited guests of the Tsinghua International Blockchain Association (TIBA).

Nguyen noted that China is one of the countries that leads in blockchain technology development. Speaking about the talented young developers at the event, he added that through partnerships with universities, Bitcoin Association Switzerland will help young minds see the potential of Bitcoin to be data ledger, blockchain of the future.

The next stop on the trip was the first ever BSV conference held in Beijing, China. There, Dr. Wright spoke to the crowd about Bitcoin’s ability to fight corruption. He added that BSV is a project Chinese developers and their families can be proud of. “This is something worth doing,” he said.

The two of them also held one of their ritual BSV conference fireside chats. This discussion also touched on Bitcoin’s focus on honesty, as well as its goal of providing traceability to combat fraud.

The third visit was to T-Edge, where both Nguyen and Dr. Wright spoke to the crowd. Nguyen focused on BSVs potential through scalability, stability and security to improve the business world. “Creating a system and network that takes advantage of both of them, a high block capacity for enterprise applications, to power not just a world payment system, but everything,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wright focused on why the original design of Bitcoin has everything the world needs to upgrade for the future. “Actually using Bitcoin, not re-inventing Bitcoin,” he said. “Look back into the past and see what was there, what didn’t work, and fix it and make it work and make a better Internet.”

At the end of their T-Edge visit, Nguyen accepted the 2019 EDGE award for the Blockchain Breakthrough of the Year on behalf of the Bitcoin SV Node project. He noted that the team’s work has just started, and to expect much more from them in the future. 

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