Bitcoin Association at Bogata Expo-Bitcoin

By Press Release Published: June 17, 2019
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Bogota, Colombia – June 17, 2019 – Held biennially in Bogota, Colombia, the Expo-Bitcoin International is one of the largest and most prestigious cryptocurrency events in South America. This year, the conference is highlighting numerous companies and organizations that support Bitcoin SV, including the Bitcoin Association,, nChain and more.

Noted speakers on the event include Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, nChain’s Chief Scientist Craig Wright and Chief Technical Officer Steve Shadders, Centbee co-founder Angus Brown and CEO Lorien Gamaroff Money Button CEO Ryan Charles, Bitcoin Advocate Connor Murray, Handcash CEO Alex Agut, and more.

Event producer and CEO at Colombia-based Bitcoin payment processor, Boris Javier Barrera notes, “we are so thrilled to have the leading lights of BSV joining our event. It’s beyond exciting to be able to spread the word of the return of the original Bitcoin vision.”

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen adds, “We are excited to bring the message of Bitcoin SV, which represents the original Bitcoin, to South America as it’s an increasingly important market for the global Bitcoin SV ecosystem. As the world’s new money, Bitcoin SV will bring greater financial freedom and inclusion to people in South America and beyond, and its massively-scaled blockchain will be the data ledger to power all major enterprise applications.”

At the event, the Bitcoin Arena will bring the most important thinkers and advocators of the original vision of Bitcoin, as well as regulatory authorities and industry pioneers from all over the globe. The Expo-Bitcoin is nurtured with a crowded marketplace with more than 200 vendors selling everything from a cup of coffee to a car, to a real estate project for Bitcoin SV.

ABOUT BITCOIN ASSOCIATION: Bitcoin Association is the leading global organization for Bitcoin business. It brings together merchants, exchanges, application developers, enterprises, miners and others in the Bitcoin ecosystem to advance the business of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Association supports Bitcoin SV (BSV) as the original Bitcoin, with a stable protocol and scaling roadmap to become the world’s new money and global public blockchain for enterprise.