Bitcoin Association launches annual report video showcasing another stellar year

By Ryan Brothwell Published: August 19, 2022
Annual Report 2021 Announcement of Annual report video

Bitcoin Association has published its 2021 – 2022 annual report video, detailing the phenomenal growth made by the organisation in the last year and its goals for the future.

The video report, introduced by Bitcoin Association’s Managing Director Patrick Prinz, is broken into individual sections and covers the multi-faceted global programme of work undertaken by the Association over the last 12 months.

‘The Association is there for the ecosystem. We are the guardians of the protocol. We are in charge of the technical movement, and give access to know-how and tooling,’ said Prinz.

‘We really want to stimulate innovation and creativity and want to be an open and welcome community that allows the creatives to experiment with this technology.”

If you are considering blockchain for your government project or private business, Prinz recommends ‘test driving the car’ before using it. He adds that experiencing a peer-to-peer electronic transfer on BSV blockchain – a microtransaction in real-time – is an ‘eye-opening’ experience.

‘Testing the performance of a car, testing the reliability and robustness, is what creates demand and makes people realise what works and what doesn’t. The best advice I can give is to go out and work with the technology, and try it.’

Phenomenal growth

The Bitcoin Association team has grown tremendously in 2021 with several highly skilled people joining departments across the organisation including legal, engineering, community management, marketing, technical programmes, and administration.

Several new roles were added over the last three months, including:

  • Head of Community;
  • Community Manager;
  • Project Manager.

In addition, Bitcoin Association hosted and sponsored events all over the world, including in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North America. The Association plans to further support and grow the BSV ecosystem in the coming year with numerous local events organised by partners and members.

Some major accomplishments achieved in the 2021-2022 year include:

Other notable milestones this year, include:

Developers, education and government

Bitcoin Association has also paid special attention to the needs of developers and programmers over the last year to give them the tools to help build on the blockchain. This includes a relaunch of the website, new tools and libraries, the ability to demo new features and the introduction of the Bitcoin SV Discord and forum.

The Association has also expanded its educational offerings, providing new courses for those just starting in the ecosystem, to more in-depth courses on more technical issues. Bitcoin Association has also partnered with Saxion University in the Netherlands to launch the first ever Bitcoin SV open online course. A separate partnership with the University of Karachi in Pakistan offers a six-month BSV blockchain online course, with live sessions from the BSV technical team. This year also saw the launch of the Chinese BSV Academy on CSDN.

The Association further expanded its Blockchain for Government initiative, including the Tuvalu national digital ledger project, and a blockchain-based Covid vaccination administrative system in Lesotho through VXPASS. Bitcoin Association also held several global conferences with government officials to discuss the adoption of the BSV blockchain.

Excellent progress made by the Technical Standards Committee

The Technical Standards Committee released its 2021 annual report and provided a roadmap for 2021 – 2023. In February 2022, they were the first BSV standards committee to progress the Merkle proof standardised format to the recommended stage.

In June 2022, the committee announced the addition of new members, including:

  • Michaella Pettit – Senior Researcher at nChain;
  • Kip Twitchell – Executive Director at Sharealedger
  • Jake Jones – Advisor and CTO of HTI Benefits inc.

These new members join Angus Brown (Co-Founder of Centbee) and James Belding (CEO and Co-Founder of Tokenized) in driving standardisation in the technical infrastructure of the BSV ecosystem.


Bitcoin Association appointed several new ambassadors over the last year as part of its global ambassador programme. The list of new ambassadors includes:

Looking ahead

The Association faces another busy year of events, including the Africa Tech festival in Cape Town and the Blockchain Developers Summit in Nigeria. Several other events, conferences, meetups and workshops are planned globally.

The Association also bids a sad farewell to its Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, who is leaving to pursue new endeavours. Nguyen has been the biggest advocate of the BSV blockchain and continues to be a prominent voice in the industry.