Bitcoin Association Statement on OKCoin

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By Alex Speirs Published: February 19, 2021
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Bitcoin Association is aware of the announcement made today by OKCoin to suspend trading of BSV and several other digital currencies on their exchange.

In recent weeks, Bitcoin Association opened a dialogue and engaged with representatives from OKCoin, as we sought to better understand their concerns and stance as it relates to Bitcoin SV.  At no point during these recent discussions (nor during any prior communications with Bitcoin Association in 2019 and 2020 regarding joint promotional and business opportunities) did OKCoin raise any issue about the Bitcoin SV brand, nor claim an interest in ‘protecting Bitcoin’.

Bitcoin Association and our membership, as well as the wider Bitcoin SV ecosystem, go to great lengths to distinguish between BSV and BTC – frequently denoting the key differences in philosophy, utility, use cases, micropayment and technical capabilities.  In fact, we expressly explain that BSV is not BTC, given that the capabilities and greater uses of the Bitcoin SV blockchain have diverged significantly from BTC.

Switzerland’s Bitcoin Association also respectfully disagrees with the secondary reasoning that has underpinned OKCoin’s decision, in particular, because the global Bitcoin SV ecosystem is far bigger than any one person.

While we are disappointed by OKCoin’s decision, Bitcoin Association remains committed to supporting the many individuals and businesses around the world that use and support Bitcoin SV, as we collectively work to develop a blockchain ecosystem predicated on utility, honesty and transparency.  2021 will be a big year for the growth of business and application utility on the Bitcoin SV network, and we look forward to showcasing for the world even more of what Bitcoin SV can do.


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