BSV Academy Conversations: Evan Freeman

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By Alex Speirs Published: February 21, 2021

Bitcoin Association caught up with Evan Freeman, a curriculum specialist working as part of the team behind Bitcoin SV Academy – the recently launched, dedicated online Bitcoin learning platform, offering academia-quality, university-style courses free of charge – to talk through the process of developing the platform and materials for the first of its kind venture.

‘For most of Bitcoin’s existence there has been little regard given to providing accurate educational resources from which interested parties can form their knowledge,’ says Freeman. 

‘Bitcoin SV Academy is working to rectify that, by providing the highest standard of education regarding what Bitcoin is – and what it is capable of becoming.’

The team behind Bitcoin SV Academy have spent the better part of a year compiling the initial curriculum, with the first course to launch, Introduction to Bitcoin Theory, one of three planned for the first half of 2021.

‘We have been working hard to build the world’s most comprehensive resource of information about Bitcoin,’ Freeman explains.

‘It’s thanks to the great leadership of Raylene Wilson and the expertise of Brendan Lee along with many hours of research and collaboration with industry experts from within the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.’ 

The curriculum allows people with a wide range of existing skill sets or areas of interest to develop their Bitcoin SV knowledge in ways that will allow them to ultimately make their own contributions – whatever form they may take. 

‘The curriculum forms a culmination of the knowledge and experience gained over the past decade of Bitcoin’s existence,’ says Freeman.

‘Even in the introductory courses, the content is likely to provide new insights to those who already have considerable knowledge and experience with Bitcoin. We have organised it in an immersive and intriguing way that is not just informative, but also enjoyable.’

Education such as that provided at the Bitcoin SV Academy helps to grow and maintain interest in the technology, as well as providing a path to getting interested and talented human resources into the ecosystem. This has obvious benefits on the individual level, but also addresses an important need on a more general industry level.

‘At this stage, there are major challenges in finding individuals with the knowledge and skillsets necessary to grow these businesses; even in basic support roles, there is often a lack of knowledge surrounding the basic concepts of Bitcoin that is necessary for employees to operate effectively within that organisation,’ explains Freeman.

‘Oftentimes, these companies are spending considerable time and resource educating their staff, so in this case, a candidate that has completed our certification courses can have a clear advantage in obtaining a position within the industry. As Bitcoin grows, we can be sure to see increasing demand for individuals knowledgeable about Bitcoin SV in more traditional sectors of the economy.’

For Freeman, this is why the work of the Bitcoin SV Academy is so important: it fills a fundamental gap in the ecosystem which will deliver lasting benefits as it continues to grow.

“Fundamentally a good education allows for the maximisation of opportunity,’ he explains.

‘By providing this knowledge through our courses, Bitcoin Association can help to accelerate growth and foster greater resilience in the ecosystem, which is good for Bitcoin and ultimately great for the world, particularly in these complex and challenging times.’

To find out more about Bitcoin SV Academy and enrol in the Introduction to Bitcoin Theory course, visit today!