Improve your technical knowledge of blockchain technology

Our BSV Bootcamps serve as an intensive learning environment, with masterclasses and workshops provided to improve your technical knowledge and coding skills as you develop applications and projects on the BSV blockchain.

We encourage all types of developers, especially those who are just learning about blockchain technology, to join us as we continue to educate the world about the BSV blockchain and build our thriving ecosystem.


Jiang Jie
Jiang Jie

Independent Developer

Lise Li

Head of BSV Hub – China

Beijing-based Lise joined Bitcoin Association as its China Manager following a career dedicated to digital commerce.
Wang Yiqiang
Wang Yiqiang

Co-founder & CTO, sCrypt

Wei Zhang

Senior Researcher, nChain

Skilled Researcher in Blockchain with a PhD in Cryptography from Royal Holloway, University of London.
Lin Zheming

Co-founder & CEO, Mempool

Co-founder & CEO, DotWallet

Trainer, Bitcoin Association

Lin Zheming is the co-founder and CEO of Mempool, a BSV/BTC mining pool and blockchain service provider for applications on top of Bitcoin SV.
Aaron Zhou - 周全
Aaron Zhou

Technical Outreach Specialist for China

Independent Bitcoin Developer

Trainer, Bitcoin Association

Experienced backend developer, working IBM R&D center in China, focusing on enterprise service architecture, DevSecOps and blockchain technology. Also an

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