Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – April 24th, 2019

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – April 17th, 2019

To say the least, it’s been an eventful past week in the BSV world. Changing the world comes with its fair share of challenges but we trust the greater vision will win. All around the world, strong developers, entrepreneurs and ventures are supporting the Satoshi Vision for the world’s new money and global enterprise blockchain.  Read below to learn all about exciting developments in the BSV ecosystem.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, Bitcoin Association

and your BSV Global Advocate

Node news

Bitcoin SV continues to scale on-chain and the Bitcoin SV Node team has been steadily working on different aspects of the technical roadmap. Steve Shadders, Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Node team (which manages the references implementation for BSV) has issued an update on the progress titled The roadmap to Genesis: part 1. In this post focused on scaling and restoration of the original Bitcoin protocol, Shadders provides a high-level outline of the next two proposed protocol upgrade dates and what to expect. The network upgrade called Quasar is currently scheduled for July 24, 2019 and centres on increased scaling capabilities.  According to Shadders, “We have previously signalled an intent to raise the cap to 512MB however after consultation with the Bitcoin Association (the owner of the Bitcoin SV project) and miners representing a significant majority of hash rate it has been decided that the Bitcoin SV software will implement a default of 2GB in July. “ He goes further to state that “We believe that by late in 2019 the Bitcoin SV node software will have implemented all of the safety mechanisms required to allow us to eliminate the block size cap altogether and let miners manage it without intervention from developers. So long as those changes are completed, we intend to bring the planned date for allowing unlimited block size forward by almost a year and lift the cap completely in the Genesis upgrade.” By February 2020 and the “Genesis” upgrade, Shadders expects the original Bitcoin protocol to be essentially restored.    

Enterprise and business update

DRIVE Markets

DRIVE Markets an institutional crypto and fiat exchange, announced an investment from entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek. In a bid to entice traders from the $5 trillion forex market, DRIVE Markets has teamed up with forex giants including First Derivatives and MetaTrader to offer a crypto trading experience synonymous with forex trading. Ayre’s investment, which is in the multiple seven figures, is expected to provide a significant boost to BSV enterprise usage and transaction volume. DRIVE Markets just announced DRIVE Pay, a multi-protocol, real-time remittance and settlement network for crypto and fiat currencies. DRIVE Pay will be using the BSV blockchain as the anchoring ledger for its payments network and will also use BSV coins as an intermediary currency to enable liquidity. DRIVE Markets chose to build its payments network upon the BSV blockchain because it sees BSV’s technical value as an enterprise ledger and business value as a regulation-friendly environment. This collaboration should drive big business onto the BSV blockchain.  

Italia Click

Italia Click is an online shop with a focus on Italian style products.  It currently has food items to purchase and has plans to diversify with other products in the future.  Now, users can shop using BSV.  As stated on their blog “Italia Click was designed from its inception to be only use through Stellar, we have decided to include a second option to reach more users and we have chosen Bitcoin SV to be the best option among the Bitcoin forks available.”

New applications


If you ever wanted to immortalise your voice on the BSV blockchain, you can now do so via Bitok. Using Money Button, this desktop application lets users record their voice straight to the blockchain. Users can also listen to other recordings and tip users for their content.  

Calendar SV

Calendar SV is an experimental on-chain calendar service on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. This calendar allows users to create and populate a calendar that other people can add to and see. Using the tools Babel to query data, Databutton to write data and FullCalendar to display / navigate event data, it’s quick and easy to use.

Etched page

Created by twitter user @kevinejohn, Etched Page is a web archiving system that actually stores items as HTML (other attempts have been image based).  It does so in an easy to use way on a slick looking website. Etched Page uses the C:// URI scheme on the, C:// is a content addressable filesystem built on top of Bitcoin SV, and in this example it is used to eliminate redundancy. It’s as easy as entering the webpage that you want archived and then paying the fee for the content to be stored.