Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – Jan 2, 2019

By Martin Coxall Published: January 2, 2019
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – April 17th, 2019

Happy New Year!  2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block and the original Bitcoin vision, which continues now through Bitcoin SV (BSV). In the new year, we and others in the BSV ecosystem are dedicated to building the enterprise-friendly blockchain– with a stable, scalable, secure, and regulation-friendly platform for businesses to confidently build upon.  2019 will see a dedicated focus on scaling – working on the tools and improvements to support massive on-chain scaling.   

It’s been wonderful to see how quickly – in just over a month – the BSV ecosystem has grown.  Numerous Bitcoin applications and services have declared #WeChooseSV – by adding support for BSV, and in many cases, moving exclusively to BSV.

In the 10th anniversary year for Bitcoin, let’s go back to the beginning and realise the original Satoshi Vision—to create the world’s new money and the global public ledger for the world’s enterprises.  Let’s get 2019 – and Bitcoin’s rebirth – truly started.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, bComm Association

& your friendly BSV Global Ambassador


As we previously summarized, since BSV emerged, numerous wallets have announced exclusive support for BSV.  In the past week, major developments include:


The wait is over!  On the final day of 2018, the team behind the user-friendly BSV-exclusive wallet released its eagerly anticipated iOS version (for beta test). CEO Alex Agut explains how simple it is for iPhone users to use the app:

If you want to become a beta tester for HandCash iOS, you just have to join our newsletter at and you will receive an invitation with a redeemable code. Install the app “TestFlight” on your phone and redeem the code there. TestFlight will handle all updates and feedback during the beta program.

The first version will feature just the foundational features of our wallet, but we will be adding more features periodically. This way we can ensure a good quality product for the time we hit the AppStore in the coming weeks!

Alex Agut, CEO @ HandCash

Pixel Wallet 

Users of the popular and fun wallet that enables encoding and sending BSV transactions through a picture file can take advantage of a service now introduced on, where users can claim transactions encoded in a picture through a chosen password. In other words, claiming transactions from a picture file no longer requires downloading the native app. Pixel Wallet has also integrated with the user-friendly $handles offered by the HandCash wallet, which—instead of having to enter long Bitcoin addresses—allows sending transactions to uniquely chosen usernames.

CashPay Wallet

The team behind the user-friendly Bitcoin SV wallet recently explained their decision to offer exclusive support for BSV, and announced a new open-source SPV (Simple Payment Verification) wallet in a public statement, saying:

For us as CashPay Solutions it is time to leave doubts behind and follow Satoshi’s vision. We can build without fear (or hope) of the protocol ever changing. (…)
The new CashPay wallet is an SPV wallet and does not rely on a backend server to work. (…)
An SPV wallet is one of the key-aspects of Bitcoin (SV) so we decided to open source the wallet and we intend to maintain and improve it long-term.

– CashPay Wallet team


The simple Bitcoin wallet announced their support for BSV, explaining on their website:

Bitcoin SV is now supported. (…)
It is a true SPV (Simple Payment Verification) node implementation by NextCash. It does not require access to any NextCash servers. (…) The limited Beta test has started. You can join the Beta here.

– NextCash team


More than 50 exchanges now list BSV.  Among them are some of the biggest global exchange services, such as, or

To see all major exchanges that list BSV, visit CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

Applications & Services

Bitcoin SV Testnet Faucet

A service that allows users and developers to receive testnet BSV coins. Using testnet coins allows creators of tools built on Bitcoin SV to test their products and services, without risking BSV mainnet coins. According to the website, “you can currently get between 0.2 and 0.01 [BSV testnet coins] from this faucet every 5 minutes.”

Addressing a common need in the Philippines, offers mobile-phone users to buy prepaid load with BSV; users can top up their phone credit by entering their mobile phone number and choosing the desired product. Ease of use is enabled through a customised built-in installation of the Money Button.


A global freelance marketplace for job and product postings, where users can issue buy or sell requests to earn and spend BSV directly. On Twitter, the team shared how to best get involved:

Our homepage is only the tip of the iceberg. New services are listed on Fivebucks by freelancers all over the globe on a daily basis. To stay in the loop follow our brand new Telegram channel.

All new entries will be broadcasted there live!

– Fivebucks team 

A marketplace offering users to buy gifts directly from manufacturers using exclusively BSV—because of the direct and efficient nature of BSV transactions, users will often find discounts.

Developer Tools

The Bitcoin developer community is rapidly creating more tools for BSV. 

Such tools include blockchain explorers which help power Bitcoin applications, such as the popular explorer offered by Blockchair, which recently announced adding support for BSV.

Most recently, HugeBlock introduced its new BSV blockchain explorer.  (We love the name!)  One unique feature of HugeBlock is an interactive animated chart of miner market shares, on different days and at different points in time.

HugeBlock joins the numerous other BSV-exclusive blockchain explorers which have quickly emerged, such as svblox.combchsvexplorer.comBitfire.iowhatsonchain.comBitcoin Cash SV ExplorerBitcoin SV Explorer, and BSV Explorer.

For a more comprehensive list of Bitcoin SV services, applications, and developer tools, please visit

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