Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – Jan 30, 2019

By Jimmy Nguyen Published: January 30, 2019

Since last week, the Bitcoin SV ecosystem saw a Cambrian explosion of new developments triggered by the lifting of the OP_return data size limit. The change, explained here by Steve Shadders, Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Node reference implementation, was quickly noticed, when transactions of larger OP_return data size appeared on the Bitcoin SV network (such as the one here).  Bitcoin developers such as _unwriter and Andrew Njoo quickly began creating creative new uses for embedding all kinds of data into the OP_return field.  As James Belding from the Tokenized team put it, it demonstrates Bitcoin SV’s capacity to be “a general-purpose ledger (…) that unleashes its true power.

In another big development last week, the Bitcoin SV Node’s lead developer, Daniel Connolly from nChain, reported on successful testing of sustained 64MB blocks (over a period of 24 hours) on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.  Read his report here.

It was an eventful and exciting past week for Bitcoin SV.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Jimmy Nguyen
Founding President, bComm Association

& your friendly BSV Global Ambassador

It’s the week of Bitcoin (SV) applications and services!

Our special “Satoshi Shout-Out” goes to user andrew njoo—accurately described by _unwriter as the “guy who puts everything on the blockchain”—who quickly used the bigger capacity of the OP_return field to embed an array of data onto the Bitcoin SV blockchain.  Such data included:

  1. Loading data from the Bitcoin SV blockchain for a chess game onto a chess viewer (using _unwriter’s BitDB data library):
  2. Establishing a working clock with data entries on the Bitcoin SV blockchain:
  3. Putting a music file onto the BSV blockchain (listen to it here, and access the source code here):
  4. And even a “falling Bitcoin hash rain” on BSV:

First video on the blockchain – passionate user Ken Sato shared on Twitter:

First Video on Blockchain!!!!! Now you can post videos on BSV!  Fxxk U Kyle, I love you.wwwww #bsv #bitcoinsv #bitcoin

thanks @_unwriter  @WhatsOnChain @_BitcoinSV @andrewnjoo

Memo – the popular blockchain-powered social media platform now allows for bigger posts up to a size of 65 KB on BSV —making it suitable for uploading even image files. The Memo team shared in the announcement:

You can now embed PNG and JPG images directly in posts using data-uri format (e.g. data:image/png;base64,…), saving them on the blockchain forever.

Also, now big memos on SV are up to 65kb! See this 21kb post with embedded image.

_unwriter Developments

The mysterious Bitcoin developer known as “_unwriter” continues to be prolific, quickly producing another set of new applications on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Amongst the developer’s new tools and applications are:

  1. Bitcom – a Bitcoin Application Protocol Computer, it’s the first P2P (decentralised) global registry of Bitcoin application protocols.  With different protocols and prefixes, the very first websites and applications are starting to be hosted with the BSV blockchain acting as their backend. Bitcom aims to help developers coordinate in establishing protocol standards, which can then be drawn (and ultimately even entirely programmed?) from the “universal computer.”

It’s like S3, but on Bitcoin. There is no “filename”. Everything is uploaded as a binary blob, with media type and encoding info

You refer to assets using the tx ID prepended by prefix “b://”

  • Button Page – a tool which allows a user’s Money Button to be stripped into its different parts and modified according to personal needs in a simple and immediate way. In “unwriter’s” words:

Today I made something small and neat.

“ButtonPage” – a simple shareable Moneybutton landing page.

Often I want use @money_button for moving money around, but I have no website to embed them.

That’s what Button Page does.

Today I announce Bitpipe, a simple yet powerful Bitcoin transaction broadcast microservice, powered by Datapay.

  • Eli – a BSV chat bot powered by Eliza, a JavaScript implementation of Eliza.js by Norbert Landsteiner, and several of “_unwriter’s” tools. Its Github page explains the different steps happening “under the hood.” – a Memo client powered by Babel that allows you to search and browse through content on the blockchain-powered social media platform in a seamless and organised way. The creator Petar Mitchev recently shared in an update on Twitter:

1\ Happy to release the following improvements to :

* Moving to Babel – faster loading time

* Filters – you can now filter the content you see

* Moving to Bitcoin original address as default address – announced by the team behind the social media platform Matter, offers users to access files, images, and content on the BSV chain:


Store and access files, images and content on scalable and reliable content delivery network  (CDN) for #Bitcoin #SV

Access files in the viewer or link directly to the static CDN links.

Secure and Monetise Your Intellectual Property on BSV – Visions for Bitcoin from Dr Craig S Wright

nChain’s Chief Scientist Dr Craig S Wright has continued with his weekly series on his Medium account, revealing new applications and uses for Bitcoin.  In the powerful series, Wright shares his ideas about and expertise on new ground-breaking applications and services—made possible on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Wright’s fourth entry in the weekly series is entitled “Storing IP on the Blockchain,” and focuses on the integration of IP management and monetisation on the Bitcoin SV blockchain—a solution for authors to bring organisation and transparency to their intellectual property (IP), and one that allows monetisation of IP in a direct and efficient manner.

Although the middleman—as with other BSV-powered services—is removed to a bare minimum in terms of storage and access rights, giving complete power and privacy to the user, the opportunity for businesses to take advantage of such a solution is even more present, by using BSV as the secure and efficient back-end to increase the reliability and feasibility of management systems in the IP service industry.

The solution goes hand in hand with building yet another cornerstone of nChain’s ground-breaking Metanet project, where web data and information can be stored and organised on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. And an integrated BSV browser wallet allows for direct and efficient monetisation.

Read nChain’s full business-friendly summary here.

Implement the simple IP management system (call it “bIP” for “Bitcoin IP”), and follow more exciting new applications and solutions by reading Craig Wright’s entry here.

Or get in touch with nChain Professional Services here.

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