Bitcoin SV Weekly – May 8th, 2019

Jimmy Nguyen wearing a yellow tie
By Jimmy Nguyen Published: May 8, 2019
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – April 17th, 2019

This week we witnessed the first ever Bitcoin SV Hackathon, with great enthusiasm by developers around the globe as evidenced by the large number of entrants and terrific quality of submissions.

Meanwhile, we continue to see more applications being built on the BSV blockchain, and developer tools being released, illustrating that the time to show the world what can be done on the BSV global enterprise blockchain is now.



Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, Bitcoin Association

and your BSV Global Advocate


BSV Hackathon

Bitcoin Association’s first ever Bitcoin SV hackathon was held over the May 4-5 weekend with many entrants from around the globe in a virtual competition. The hackathon was designed to encourage developers around the world to build on BSV. An impressive list of 19 countries were represented in the competition. In total, 216 people signed up to participate in the event. Of that number, 122 competed as individuals, and 94 joined together to form 42 teams.

The theme: “The Onboarding Problem – with a twist” allowed for broad scope for creativity. The submissions had to address the onboarding problem in some way. The twist? Onboarding doesn’t just have to be about users, it can also be about developers.

The energy of the group was so positive, and many entrants have expressed how much of a pleasure it has been to participate. The competition Telegram group was active throughout the hackathon period, with many entrants interacting and helping each other. The spirit of collaboration – rather than purely competition – was great to witness.

The next step is for a judging panel to narrow down the entries to a list of “semi-finalists”. That preliminary judging will commence this week as the teams had another 24 hours to submit supplementary documentation to support their submission. From a narrower list of “semi-finalists,” three top finalists will be announced in the coming weeks so each can send a representative to present on May 30 at the CoinGeek Toronto conference to determine the winner. We can’t wait to see who wins the top 3 spots, but it’s clear that the entire BSV ecosystem already wins from the hackathon.





Agora is a prototype Alpha release that will be available on-chain on the BSV blockchain soon and has created great buzz on Twitter.

With Agora, people can create a homepage on the blockchain, add apps and list them, create and buy and sell t-shirts, invite peers to create a homepage, aggregate all your news channels including reddit, CoinGeek and Twitter feeds and more.

People can sign up now and a number already have with T-shirts on order and profiles created. This is a great way to showcase what can be done on the BSV blockchain.



9knodes is a new 2D block explorer that gives node statistics in a graph format. Users enter a transaction and can see information such as seeing where it came from and where it went. They can also click on a specific input or output to view the corresponding transaction and other information in a very clear visualisation.


Satoshi Shout-Out

Our Satoshi Shout-out this week goes to BitBoss who  announced Keyring, a collection of JavaScript libraries for creating and signing transactions, allowing developers to easily build wallets for the Bitcoin SV blockchain. They built Keyring for their own use while developing their online gaming ecosystem that runs on Bitcoin SV. BitBoss stated that they plan to enhance this library to help the entire BSV community of developers. They encourage all contributions of code, feedback, and feature requests from the community and will be use GitHub issues to track work and they will monitor it closely.

The GitHub can be found here.

npm: @keyring/bsv