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The Bitcoin Association and nChain, the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies, will soon host another series of webinars to teach Bitcoin SV application development skills and network theory. Register through the form below to get early access to our next webinars.


Owen Vaughan

Director of Research, nChain

Experienced Research Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
Brad Kristensen

BSV Stress Test Network Manager, nChain

Jad Wahab

Software Engineer, nChain

Jack Davies

Research & Development Scientist, nChain

Research And Development Scientist at nChain with a focus on Blockchain solutions for enterprise.
Michaella Pettit

Research & Development Scientist, nChain

Researcher in blockchain technology and cryptography with a PhD in Applied Mathematics/Theoretical Physics.
Chloe Tartan

Research & Development Scientist, nChain

Blockchain R&D specialist interested in designing applications to support a circular economy.
John Murphy

Senior Software Engineer, nChain

Mike Jenner

Senior QA Engineer, nChain

Wei Zhang

Senior Researcher, nChain

Skilled Researcher in Blockchain with a PhD in Cryptography from Royal Holloway, University of London.
Aaron Zhou - 周全
Aaron Zhou

Technical Outreach Specialist for China

Independent Bitcoin Developer

Trainer, Bitcoin Association

Experienced backend developer, working IBM R&D center in China, focusing on enterprise service architecture, DevSecOps and blockchain technology. Also an

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