Bitcoin SV Year 1: Building on BSV

By admin Published: November 22, 2019
Bitcoin SV Year 1: Services building on BSV

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is celebrating the first anniversary of Bitcoin’s independence, and despite being around for just one year, it has powered some of the best applications built on blockchain technology. Services built on BSV distinguish themselves in being focused on earning and using of BSV and solving real-world problems in the process. Be it the seamless transfer of money or incentivized social media use, these applications are showcasing just what’s possible when developers have a massively scalable blockchain to build on.


One of the first services built on BSV was WeatherSV, a simple yet effective application that has revolutionized how global weather data is stored. WeatherSV allows its users to feed weather data to the immutable BSV blockchain where it’s recorded, stored and indexed. The service contains all sorts of weather data, from humidity and precipitation, to temperature and UV indices. Despite being just seven months old, WeatherSV now has over 4,600 active weather channels, processing over 100,000 transactions a day.


Cityonchain is a service that allows its users to own a virtual city and earn real rewards from them. The service is one in a growing field of applications on BSV that seek to incentivize their users to curate high-quality information. You get to own the city by bidding for it and once you become the owner, you can earn BSV for activities that take place in your town. The users also get to earn every time other users like their messages, encouraging the curation of the highest quality information.


The world of social media is being transformed as well, with the BSV-powered Twetch introducing a new era where you can earn for posting a photo or a message. Twetch enables its users to earn every time their posts are liked or commented on, a great shift from the existing social media platforms where the content producers are exploited and end up earning nothing. Twetch also discourages trolls and incentivizes high-quality information sharing.


Bitcoin SV is becoming the world’s new money, and as such, easy transfers, especially across borders, are crucial. Centbee is among the services built on BSV that are enabling their users to easily send funds to other users, both locally and internationally. Centbee has especially targeted Africa, a region that has been largely marginalized, helping people send money across borders instantly and for a very small fee. Centbee allows even those without the technical knowledge of BSV to enjoy its benefits.


For the developers, Codugh gives them an opportunity to earn from their work in a seamless way. The service, which won the second Bitcoin Association Virtual Hackathon, allows coders to publish their APIs and every time someone uses them, they get a micropayment in BSV. This eliminates the intermediaries that get to exploit the hard work of the coders.


pixel wallet What if you could send funds using pictures? In BSV, you can, with the Pixel wallet enabling the secure transfer of funds in the easiest method yet. Pixel adds an extra layer of privacy and security by hiding data inside other data. Pixel is also working on a digital privatized identity system, finally giving people control of their digital identities.


Bitcoin SV is out to offer a better alternative to many platforms that exist today, and BitQ&A is doing just that. The platform is a question and answer platform like Quora, but unlike its peers, BitQ&A uses a Bitcoin-based incentive model. A bounty is placed on a question and a payment is required to answer. The use of an incentive helps eliminate spam and encourages high-quality answers. The answers are voted on, ensuring a democratic process, in line with the ethos of Bitcoin. These are just some of the services that are encouraging the Earn & Use BSV model, leading to a thriving ecosystem of BSV users. As development continues, including the upcoming Genesis upgrade in February 2020, BSV-powered services will continue to thrive and introduce the world to the transformative power of blockchain technology.

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