Miami | SLS Brickell hotel | September 1, 2021

The first BSV BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE took place at the SLS Brickell hotel in Miami on September 1, 2021

The BSV blockchain is capturing global attention with its massive scaling, rapid growth and powerful technical capabilities. BSV enables efficient micropayments, high transaction volume, greater data capacity, and diverse business uses.

Join our next BSV conference to learn why Bitcoin SV is the blockchain for enterprise needs and the future of distributed data technology.

What you will learn:

  • How BSV is the one truly scalable global blockchain for enterprise use and high volume consumer apps
  • Token, smart contract and other blockchain functionality on BSV
  • Use cases for BSV blockchain technology across many industry sectors
  • How companies can begin to implement BSV technology
  • Why institutional and venture investors should look at BSV


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BSV is the ideal blockchain for enterprise, consumer and government projects.

With unbounded on-chain scaling, the BSV blockchain supports high transaction volumes at fast speed and for predictable low fees, in addition to offering micropayment capabilities and the greater data capacity needed for large scale blockchain applications.

BSV also supports a regulation-friendly blockchain ecosystem that enterprises want, consumers trust, and governments require.

Applications on BSV now span a wide array of industry sectors - media & entertainment, social media, online games, AR/VR, digital advertising, data integrity, ID management, government services, supply chain, accounting, RegTech, distributed network intelligence, Internet of Things, financial services, and of course, payments.


Jimmy Nguyen yellow tie
Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President

Jimmy Nguyen is a renowned public speaker, media commentator and global ambassador for Bitcoin SV. Click the link to know more about him.
Roy Bernhard
Roy Bernhard

Chief Visionary, Fabriik

The Bayesian Group

Roy is the Chief Visionary of the Bayesian Group. He attended the University of Western Ontario for Computer Science and Harvard University for Business. He is currently the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Hummingbird Lawyers LLP.
Gregory Bledsoe
Gregory Bledsoe

Chief Organizational Engineer, Unbounded Enterprise

Greg Bledsoe has made a career of jumping on the right bandwagon at the right time and has a 100% success rate
Joe DePinto
Joe DePinto

Co-Founder & CMO, Haste

Joe co-founded Haste, the world's first Instant Leaderboard Payout arcade. His vision for Haste is to have the platform serve as a fun and entertaining visual representation of micro transactions, and how they can empower new business models.
Matt Dickson BitBoss
Matt Dickson

CEO & Co-Founder, BitBoss

With his legal background, Matt was invited to be on the Gaming Standards Association blockchain workgroup. He has also worked with testing labs to help write testing standards that allow for the inclusion of blockchain technologies.
Dominic Duffy
Dominic Duffy

Director of Marketing, nChain

Dominic brings a wealth of experience in the fields of computer product development and marketing, most recently as Head of Strategic Marketing for Mitie, a $2bn Energy and Facilities Management company.
Tyler Farnsworth on denim polo shirt
Tyler Farnsworth

CMO, Built By Gamers

Tyler Farnsworth is Chief Marketing Officer of Built By Gamers, a leading Esports organization.
bitcoin-association-announces-north-america-ambassadors-to-enhance-growth-of-bitcoin-sv-Angela Holowaychuk-min
Angela Holowaychuk
Angela Holowaychuk is Chief Marketing Officer for TAAL and also serves as Executive Director on the Board of Directors and the Nominating and Governance Committee.
Adam Kling
Adam Kling

Founder & CEO, FYX Gaming, Inc.

Adam is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of doing successful projects within the performance marketing industry.
Steve Lawrence
Steve Lawrence

President, EHR Data

Steve Lawrence is a proven business leader with more than 25 years of experience at the intersection of healthcare, data, and technology.
Jack Liu
Jack Liu

Founder, RelayX

Jack is a creative artist passionate about realising a real-time economy for people around the world.
Xiaohui Liu

CEO, sCrypt

Xiaohui Liu is the founder and CEO of sCrypt Inc., a company dedicated to providing integrated on-chain smart contracting solutions on BSV.
Connor Murray bitcoin association
Connor Murray

Content Creator, Bitcoin Association

Connor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Britevue – an online review platform where users earn money and digital rewards for their feedback. He also works as an instructor and course content specialist for the Bitcoin SV Academy.
Simit Naik

Director of Commercial & Strategy, nChain

Simit hails from a career in financial services and consulting, holding senior positions across analysis, strategy and product in organisations such as Visa, NHS, Experian and Logica.
Hassan Qureshi
Hassan (“Hash”) Qureshi

Partner, MNP

Hassan Qureshi has over 25 years of performing internal audit and information systems/information technology audits, including a significant background in system under development audits.
Robert Rice
Robert Rice
Robert has over 25 years of experience as a startup executive and advisor. He is the Founder and CEO of Transmira, Inc. the developer of Omniscape, an XR platform seamlessly blending Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Luke Rohenaz
Luke Rohenaz

Co-founder & CEO, Tonicpow

TonicPow and an accomplished software engineer with over 20 years of development experience. He is a long-time Bitcoin advocate and regular open-source contributor to the BSV development ecosystem.
Phillip Runyan in white background
Phillip Runyan

Managing Partner, Veridat

Phillip is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Veridat. He is also the founder and CEO of Hold Gaming, a mobile content and platform development company for mobile gaming, casino content, and eSports.
George Siosi Samuels Honā
George Siosi Samuels

Founder, Honā

Managing Director, Faiā

George is the Managing Director of community-tech consultancy Faiā, and founder of the blockchain-based accountability platform Honā.
Zachary Weiner
Zachary Weiner

Founder, VXPASS

Zack is the founder of VXPASS, a digital vaccination verification and administration platform that is built on the BSV blockchain. Zack has 15 years of software development experience, including the last 4 years spent in the blockchain sector.
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White

Director, BSaV

CEO, The White Company

Elizabeth White is the CEO of The White Company and has worked with luxury brands around the world from the LVMH group to Formula 1 and McLaren Automotive for over 12 years.


  • 9:00 AM Registration
  • 10:00 AM Conference begins
  • 10:05-10:30am
    Introduction to the BSV blockchain
    • Jimmy Nguyen | Founding President, Bitcoin Association
    The original Bitcoin protocol: What is it and why does it matter?
    • Hassan (“Hash”) Qureshi | Partner, MNP
    Data integrity on BSV
    • Phillip Runyan | Managing Partner, Veridat
    • Dominic Duffy | Director of Marketing, nChain
    Healthcare & the BSV blockchain
    • Steve Lawrence | President, EHR Data
    • Zachary Weiner | Founder, VXPASS
    Government services on BSV: Case study from the Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu
    • George Siosi Samuels | Managing Director, Faiā | Bitcoin Association Ambassador for South Pacific
    • Simit Naik | Director of Commercial & Strategy, nChain
  • 12:30-1:30pm Lunch
  • 1:30-2:00pm
    Financial products, trading & tokenised assets with BSV
    • Roy Bernhard | Chief Visionary, Fabriik & The Bayesian Group
    • Elizabeth White | Director,
    Online gaming & eSports on BSV
    • Joe DePinto | Co-founder & CMO, Haste
    • Matt Dickson | Co-founder & CEO, BitBoss
    • Tyler Farnsworth | CMO, Built By Gamers
    • Adam Kling | CEO & Founder, FYX Gaming. Inc.
    NFTs on the BSV blockchain
    • Gregory Bledsoe | Chief Organizational Engineer, Unbounded Enterprise
    • Adam Kling | CEO & Founder, FYX Gaming. Inc.
    • Jack Liu | Founder, RelayX
    AR/VR & the Metaverse on the BSV blockchain
    • Robert Rice | Founder & CEO Transmira, Inc.
  • 3:35-3:50pm Afternoon break
  • 3:50-4:10pm
    Blockchain transaction processing for the future
    • Angela Holowaychuk | CMO & Executive Board Member, TAAL Distributed Information Technologies
    Online services & digital advertising reinvented on BSV
    • Connor Murray | Founder & CEO, Britevue
    • Luke Rohenaz | Co-founder & CEO, TonicPow
    Honā: A social accountability platform using blockchain
    • George Siosi Samuels | Founder, Honā (
    Smart contracts & computation on Bitcoin
    • Xiaohui Liu | Founder & CEO, sCrypt
    The future of blockchain: Be part of BSV
    • Jimmy Nguyen | Founding President, Bitcoin Association
  • 5:30pm Conference Ends

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