ChainBow Launches BSV-Based Protocol

By Lise Li Published: April 7, 2020

Founded in 2018, Japanese company Chainbow – a business dedicated to developing blockchain products, including a digital currency wallet, payment services, and O2O platforms, recently, released a BSV-based second-layer protocol – NOTE private information protocol. NOTE protocol enables CRUD – that is, the creation, reading, and deletion of data and user rights, in addition to facilitating the encryption/decryption of data, data rights verification, data-sharing rules, as well as rules for storing history.

ChainBow has already launched the first application utilising the NOTE protocol, a tool based on Bitcoin technologies that is used to protect private information. It parallels existing password management tools such as 1Password and Lastpass, in addition to adding features such as web password security, two-step verification, and password generation services. It also supports notes protection in markdown format. Notes recorded on NoteSV are encrypted with elliptic curve cryptography, and changes to the information and history records are all encrypted and stored on the BSV blockchain.


Currently, NoteSV has released its Windows and Mac desktop versions, with plans to launch on the Google Play and App Store at the end of April. Soon, a single user account will be able to synchronize all of its data across different devices through the BSV network. The app will be set up as an SPV client and be directly connected to the BSV network, without the need for background servers. The performance of NoteSV will therefore not rely on the developers and their servers, with users’ data instead able to be securely stored across the tens of thousands of BSV nodes across the world.

So far, many users have already downloaded the NoteSV app and commented on its ease of use and enhanced privacy and security compared with existing password protection apps. In addition, the integration of BSV micropayments for adding and deleting data present a far lower cost than the monthly subscription fee charged by the existing equivalent services.

The founder of ChainBow, Li Long, is an engineer with 20 years’ experience. He launched the O2O platform in 2019, a blockchain-based credit platform capable of supporting tens of millions of data points, built on BSV.

Li has been an early adopter of Bitcoin SV, explaining that “eleven years after Bitcoin’s creation, BSV’s recent Genesis upgrade will bring to the world a 100% reliable blockchain cloud. Right now, we’re witnessing this vision and that’s why I decided to be a part of this early on.”

Li believes that the NOTE protocol will have a range of applications and implementations for developers working on Bitcoin SV. At present, the NOTE protocol and its associated SDK are expanding in use via commercial licensing opportunities, but Li has remained steadfast that the long-term goal of the project to open source NOTE as a standard protocol.

Contact ChainBow: Li Long – [email protected]

Twitter: @SvNote