BSV Update – 12th September 2019

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By Jimmy Nguyen Published: September 12, 2019
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Hello BSV Society! We’re excited about the continuing rapid growth of the BSV ecosystem.  So much is happening.  Our staff is very busy supporting many Bitcoin Association programs, events and activities.  As a result, we’ve decided to change our BSV updates to be published every 2 weeks, rather than weekly.  Read on for the latest news about BSV and Satoshi Vision!

CambrianSV bootcamp in Bali

Some notable members of the Bitcoin SV development community have concluded the 1st CambrianSV – a weeklong and intensive program focused on building BSV projects that generate transactions on the blockchain. The event was organised in partnership with the Bitcoin Association and the team at RelayX; it held in the rural township of Ubud on the magical island of Bali. Developers were selected from many applications.  They spent a week together to fast forward progress on their projects by learning and collaborating with both bitcoin experts and other developers working in the space[JN1] .

The participating teams were: 

Punctuating the workflow were a series of workshops delivered by Bitcoin Association’s Training and Development Manager, Brendan Lee from Australia, who delivered several workshops over the first 4 days of the event. Other highlights included live video meetups with nChain Chief Scientist Craig Wright and CTO Steve Shadders who discussed the further restrictions being removed from the BSV protocol in the upcoming “Genesis” update scheduled for February 2020.

Several teams were able to harness the sometimes loud but energetic shared work environment, with Twetch, Relay, Agora and more all pushing out major updates at the event.  For many of the attendees, this was their first time meeting each other in person, with a notable confession from the Twetch founders that the event was the first time that they had all been together as a team since the conception of their project.

The atmosphere was overwhelmingly positive, and the regular updates were filled with optimism around both their progress and the upcoming enhancements to the Bitcoin SV network that will enhance its capabilities well beyond that of any other public or private blockchain project today. The Bitcoin Association content was well received by the attendees and all sessions were recorded and we aim to release them soon.

CoinGeek also supported the event and provided outstanding media coverage from its London-based reporter Charles Mliler. We’re excited to see the Cambrian explosion of BSV development ignited by this first CambrianSV bootcamp.

2nd BSV Hackathon – Final Judging at CoinGeek Seoul

Bitcoin Association held its 2nd BSV Hackathon in August, [JN2] and a preliminary judging panel selected the top 3 finalists (as well as naming four runners-up).  The final round of judging takes place at the CoinGeek Seoul conference on October 1, when a representative from each finalist will present their project to a final round panel of judges and the live audience.

The judging panel for the final round has been announced, with some prominent names set to decide the winning entry.

Sam Chi is the president of Landmark Asia Holdings, and will be on the judging panel as a special guest judge. He is a prominent investment executive in the entertainment and technology sector and is the producer of Old Boy, the most critically acclaimed film in South Korea’s history and a winner at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.  Recently, Chi has been involved in the production of animated Hollywood films, including Animal Crackers. Chi has also become involved in the blockchain and technology sectors and is a prolific investor and consultant in these areas.

Joining Chi on the judging panel is Lin Zheming, with 13 years’ experience in Internet product designing and marketing in the China. A former employee of Apple and Baidu, Zheming’s latest venture is, a non-custodial BSV-only wallet in WeChat, and, the BSV/BTC mining pool.

The final panel will also feature Dr. Craig S. Wright and nChain CTO Steve Shadders, who combined brings a wealth of blockchain knowledge and expertise to the panel. The live audience at CoinGeek Seoul will vote, with their results counting as the fifth judge ballot. The 3 finalists are competing for a total combined prize pool of USD $35,000—paid of course in BSV.

Mini hackathon Bitcoin SV Barcelona 2019

On the weekend of August 31 and September 1, a Mini BSV Hackathon took place in Barcelona, Spain.  This event was proudly sponsored by Bitcoin Association. A dozen professionals from various disciplines who were united by a passion for BSV and an interest in cryptocurrencies worked together to create a real utility application on the BSV blockchain.

The event demonstrated the willingness of BSV supporters to take initiative and plan events on their own, with Bitcoin Association adding support.  Such grassroots events truly help Bitcoin Association expand its reach and accelerate the growth of BSV.

You can watch the video here that was made at the event.

ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet Adds BSV Support

ELLIPAL a well-known company that offer a user-friendly hardware wallet have just announced in a BSV first that they have added BSV support to their Titan wallet. Touted as fully isolated hardware wallet for crypto transactions. The software and hardware include robust security features and use intuitive QR code-based usage.

According to the website “The driving technology behind ELLIPAL is, of course, its proprietary elliptic curve cryptography. The offline bitcoin wallet lets you store your private cryptocurrency keys offline. Whether you own Bitcoins or other popular cryptocurrencies, the hardware wallet is quite robust when it comes to compatibility. You do not need to connect your hardware wallet to a computer even for updates. While it might not be as compact as other popular wallets like TREZOR and Ledger, it makes up for form factor with its features and security”.

BitBoss -first casino tokens running on the Tokenized Protocol for gaming applications

BitBoss have just introduced the first casino tokens running on the Tokenized Protocol for gaming applications. It works by using a Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency wallet with their baccarat and lottery games embedded into it.

In a recent medium article announcing this huge news it was stated that the “games can run using native BSV or a custom token, for example a token specifically created for a casino that can only be used for gambling within that casino’s ecosystem”. The article goes further to say “As bets are sent to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, a BitBoss designed smart contract processes the bet and places both bet results and payout transactions back onto the chain. They include their double spend prevention technology when using native BSV, and leverage Tokenized’s double spend prevention when bets are placed using a custom token”.

Watch the video of this amazing new BSV application in action:

Satoshi Shout-Out

Our Satoshi Shout-Out goes to BSV supporter WallStreet5 (@5WallStreet on Twitter).  He again continues to amaze with his generous donations to support BSV’s development.  WallStreet5 committed to donating 100 BSV to help fund costs for developers (selected by Bitcoin Association) to travel from across the world to attend CoinGeek Seoul.  When the demand proved high, WallStreet5 added in another 50, for a total of 150 BSV.  [For the CoinGeek Toronto conference, WallStreet5 similarly sponsored travel costs for developers to attend.]    He recognises that helping to train BSV developers is one of the best ways he can support growth of BSV.

Thanks to WallStreet5’s generosity, approximately 20 developers from around the world (including runners-up from the 2nd BSV Hackathon) will be able to travel to Seoul and participate live in the education, networking and spirit of CoinGeek Seoul. [CoinGeek is helping by providing all selected developers a free ticket to the conference.]

For his wonderful and continued generosity to the BSV community, WallStreet5 deserves a big Satoshi Shout-Out!