BSV Update 26th September 2019

By Jimmy Nguyen Published: September 26, 2019

Technical Standards Committee

Last week, Bitcoin Association issued an important announcement for our intention to create a BSV Technical Standards Committee (TSC), and called for expressions of interest from people to participate in the process. We have already received many applicants and are now no longer accepting expressions of interest for this phase of the TSC. We will however be looking for ongoing participation in the TSC from BSV society participants, as your continuing input is important for the success of BSV.

Once the initial TSC members are selected, we plan to hold an inaugural meeting of the TSC in December. Key items that will be discussed at the inaugural meeting are:

    • Roadmap of application layer standards to be developed over the next 12 months.
    • Defining an easy process for entry to a workgroup along with easy opt-in to confidentiality requirements.
    • Creating a framework for technical workgroups including roles, responsibilities and operating procedures.
    • Appointing initial workgroup managers.
  • Creating a strategy to communicate workgroup goals and attract appropriately qualified and interested members.

The TSC leadership group (once determined) will also be responsible for the administration of further workshop sessions (similar in style to BSV wallet workshops) throughout the year where they are deemed necessary to pushing a standard for a topic area through to completion and implementation.  Logistical support for the above will be provided by Bitcoin Association.

Thank you to everyone who applied, and we will be contacting people soon.



go-svdb allows for customizable structured storage of data on the BSV chain, this makes it easier for application developers to quickly and easily access the data they need without having to worry about UTXO maintenance.

By allowing users to easily check all transactions relating to their bitcoin from massive UTXO, go-svdb acts as an infrastructure service that supports structured, persistent storage of data on the chain and allows quick retrieval of data is necessary.

As stated on their website, “go-svdb can help developers quickly and easily obtain customized data on the chain to meet different business needs. Using go-svdb to query all transactions for an address can be done with a simple http request”.

Grid Planaria

BSV developer _Unwriter has designed and released Grid Planaria as a replacement for Planaria Version 1. It is touted to be more efficient, flexible, and powerful, and will eventually replace Version 1. This allows users to build their own backend by synchronizing the subset of the BSV blockchain that they need for their app.

Grid Planaria is a programmable state machine which constructs itself by crawling the Bitcoin network and can act as a host which powers many “Light Nodes”, also known as Neon Planaria through Bitbus, forming a distributed global Bitcoin data grid.

As explained on the website, there are three Planaria types:

  • Planaria Version 1 (Full Node): The first version. Will be deprecated in the future and superseded by Grid Planaria.
  • Grid Planaria (Full Node): Powered directly by Bitcoin. For heavy duty infra operators.
  • Neon Planaria (Light Node): Powered by Bitbus, which synchronizes itself by crawling a Grid Planaria. Build state machines without running a full Bitcoin node. For app developers.

Overpool- A Turing-complete Decentralized Ledger of Offchain Bitcoin Transactions

Another new release from _Unwriter is Overpool which allows users to build their own off-chain bitcoin transaction ledger, which can then be optionally shared over an overlay P2P network (DAT), in real time.

According to the website, with Overpool, you can effortlessly set up an HTTP endpoint which:

  • accepts signed OR unsigned transactions from your users
  • creates an offchain timestamped ledger
  • which can be optionally shared over DAT P2P network to pass around transactions between peers in a decentralized manner BEFORE broadcasting.

This new file-based ledger provides traceability and also lets users feed directly into a state machine framework such as Neon Planaria, in fact the two combined become Turing complete.


Coingeek Seoul

The CoinGeek Conference is being held in Asia for the second time on October 1-2, 2019 at the Le Meridien hotel in Seoul, South Korea. Professionals from leading blockchain and cryptocurrency start-ups, global enterprises, crypto mining, investors, and other brands will be attending to learn about exciting developments for Bitcoin SV, and how its massive scaling capabilities allow developers and businesses to build amazing applications.

To start this two-day event, a Technical Day will focus on technical advancements enabled by BSV. Day two will focus on new business models that can be built because of BSV’s unique technical capabilities. The three finalists of Bitcoin Association’s 2nd BSV Hackathon will also present their projects to an esteemed panel of judges (including the live audience), and the winners will be announced. nChain Chief Scientist and creator of Bitcoin Dr. Craig S. Wright will also give two presentations and engage in another fireside chat with Jimmy Nguyen about the original Bitcoin vision.

Tickets are still available for this event, so please join us as Satoshi Vision comes to Korea!

Bitcoin Association activities

Bitcoin Association continues to ramp up its activities.  Here are some events that happened in the last two weeks:

  1. Jimmy Nguyen interview with OKex published

The following topics were discussed in this interview

  • Bitcoin should surpass the limitations artificially imposed on BTC so that it can fulfil its original promise to become peer-to-peer electronic cash
  • Block caps must be lifted so Bitcoin technology and its blockchain can grow
  • Bitcoin is intended to create a transaction system that is private, not anonymous

2. Events/Conferences

Jimmy Nguyen spoke on panel at Blockchain Enterprise Days 2019, in Frankurt, Germany.  The Panel discussed Enabling Enterprise Adoption of Blockchain Technology. 3.  Sponsored meetups

Hello Metanet Workshop In Berlin, Germany. In an event hosted by the Twetch team, developers assembled together to figure out how Bitcoin can be used to develop applications using unwriter’s tools, the Metanet protocol, moneybutton, paymail and others.

This was followed up by another event hosted by the Twetch team to gather BSV project developers from around the world to share their work and ideas for BSV’s growth, as well as to get an early celebration of Oktoberfest!

Hangzhou Developer Dialogue  Hangzhou, China on September 20, 2019 Over 30 developers had a productive get together to inspire each to build on the BSV blockchain.  The event was organized by Bitcoin Association’s China Manager Lise Li.

Hangzhou Bitcoin SV Meetup Hangzhou, China held on September 19, 2019 Over 120 BSV developers – including speakers from @cityonchain, @weiblock ,@mempool_com ,@BitMeshOfficial and @ari_cryptonized – joined a large BSV meetup in Hangzhou, China to discuss all things BSV.   Half the attendees came to the event from other cities.  The program featured 4 solo speakers, in addition to 3 panels with 12 speakers from across BSV society.  This event demonstrated China’s growing interest in BSV.