BSV Update: August 2020

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By Alex Speirs Published: August 7, 2020
BSV update

BSV Update and Notes from the Founding President – August


Greetings to everyone in the Bitcoin SV society,

We went through a whirlwind July – a month which had a clear overarching theme: professionalise Bitcoin.  July saw Bitcoin Association host its inaugural Bitcoin SV DevCon, add a key team member in Switzerland and launch our new headquarters office in Zug, appoint a pair of new Asia-based Ambassadors, as well as prepare key developer education initiatives for China.  And after such a busy month, it’s nice to finally have a brief moment to reflect on what has been a big month, although – we are already busy in full preparation mode for a busy 3rd quarter of 2020 with the next CoinGeek conference.

It was a real privilege to give the opening address to start Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020, to summarize major milestones made across the Bitcoin SV ecosystem in recent months, as well as share more initiatives of the Association.  But the true honor was to turn hosting duties over to the man who deserves much of the credit for the success of the Bitcoin SV technical infrastructure – nChain CTO Steve Shadders.  Steve did a fantastic job hosting the weekend-long conference and demonstrated just why we’re so lucky to have him, along with Daniel Connolly, at the helm of the Bitcoin SV Node team.

The weekend was many months in the planning – and one that looked very different from the San Francisco in-person conference that we first envisioned!

Although the format changed to a virtual conference, in every respect, the event was a resounding success.  For the first time, we partnered with, a Europe-based online developer community.  Their data reported nearly 3,500 unique participants watched the DevCon live across the two days and even more people have watched the recordings over the weeks that followed. While the numbers are fantastic, for me, the highlight of the weekend had to be the thoughtful questions and engaging levels of interaction seen. The discourse that occurs during these events often produces some of the most valuable insights for attendees, so finding a way to facilitate this virtually was important to us, even though we recognize that it cannot replicate the interactivity of an in-person environment.

I want to extend my thanks to, all of the speakers, and everyone on the Bitcoin Association team who helped make our first Bitcoin SV DevCon a success.

In more big news for July, we were thrilled to open our headquarters office in Zug, Switzerland!  The new office space recently played host to a Bitcoin SV Ecosystem Development Summit, with representatives from several key companies participating.

The Bitcoin Association team is growing too.  We hired a new Europe & Operations Manager, Patrick Prinz.   Based out of our Zug office, Patrick brings significant international business experience and passion for Bitcoin to the job.  As with our other hires, he reflects our mission to bring more professionalism to the Bitcoin industry in order to better engage with enterprises, institutional investors and government bodies.

More on Patrick’s appointment below, as well as updates on:

  • Final weeks for the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon
  • Further growth across the Bitcoin SV ecosystem
  • Two new Ambassadors appointed in Asia
  • Bitcoin Association hires Patrick Prinz
  • Launch of Bitcoin SV Developer Zone with CSDN in China
  • Blockchain Intelligence Group adds Bitcoin SV support 

As we progress through the summer months (at least for me here in the USA), there’s no slowing down for us here at Bitcoin Association.  Personally, I am dedicating a lot of my time to working with the CoinGeek team to organise the CoinGeek Live 2020 conference, set for September 30-October 2.  After our big CoinGeek London event in February (which attracted almost 1,000 attendees and a live stream audience of approximately 30,000), we had intended this to be a big in-person conference in New York City.  However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve changed to a hybrid live + virtual event, connecting two broadcast studio sites in New York and London in order to stream virtually to the world.  We hope you’ll join us for an exciting multimedia experience to learn how Bitcoin SV will power the future of “One World, One Chain.”  For more information and to register, please visit

Meanwhile, we’ve got plenty planned in the run-up to the CoinGeek Live conference.    China is especially active, with the Chinese-language series of our Bitcoin educational webinars happening now, and the first Chinese language Bitcoin SV DevCon on August 29-30.    For the rest of the world, keep an eye out for more from Bitcoin Association and as always, believe in Satoshi Vision.


Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President
Bitcoin Association


Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020

In July, Bitcoin Association successfully hosted its first Bitcoin SV DevCon – a two-day developer conference with a focus on Bitcoin education and upskilling. Originally planned as an in-person event in San Francisco, the global COVID-19 situation prompted a change of plans, leading to the all-virtual event – and with great results. Almost 3,500 unique participants joined throughout the weekend, with the great levels of interaction seen throughout. If you missed out watching it live – don’t despair! The full replays of Day One and Day Two are available to stream now.


Final weeks for the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon

There are now less than two weeks left to complete entries for the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon! I know that everyone on the judging panel is waiting with anticipation to see just what innovative ideas emerge from this year’s competition – particularly with the extended coding period for this competition. Entries close at 12 noon British Standard Time Time on August 18, so get any final submissions completed!  Three finalists will be selected to appear at CoinGeek Live, with a prize pool of USD $100,000 in BSV up for grabs.


Bitcoin SV ecosystem continues to grow

The Bitcoin SV ecosystem is clearly expanding. Nearly every day, it seems that an exciting new venture, application, or resource is emerging. Seeking to quantify that growth, blockchain iGaming company Peergame have updated their ongoing Bitcoin SV Ecosystem Chart; as of the end of June 2020, it counts 428 known ventures and projects. That figure consists of 320 companies & services, 28 protocol layers, as well as 80 developer resources.   And we think the list may even underreport the true number.

Take a look at the full list – you might be surprised at some of the most promising new projects are still flying under the radar!


Bitcoin Association hires Patrick Prinz

As the operational side of the Bitcoin Association develops and a new headquarter office in Zug, Switzerland launches, we have made our first major local hire.  Patrick Prinz is our new Europe & Operations Manager. He brings with him a strong background in financial services and strategy consulting, having held various senior positions across several leading institutions, along with a strong passion for Bitcoin.  Patrick will be responsible for advancing business growth and uptake throughout Europe, in addition to supporting the operational needs of the organization globally.


Bitcoin Association appoints two new Asia-based Ambassadors

As the Bitcoin SV growth story across Asia continues to pick up steam, Bitcoin Association this month appointed two new ambassadors to accelerate support across the region.

Singapore: Jeff Chen
CEO, Maxthon

Best known as the founder and CEO of Maxthon – the web browser of choice for 600 million online users worldwide – Jeff is a long-time proponent of blockchain technologies, with his company recently releasing a beta version of its latest browser, Maxthon 6, which integrates a host of Bitcoin and blockchain-related tools

Malaysia: Masumi Hamahira
Executive Advisor for Islamic Banking Window, MUFG Bank (Malaysia)

Masumi is an expert in the application of blockchain technologies to capital markets and financial products, and the advantages of using a public blockchain (Bitcoin SV) to meet the unique requirements of Islamic finance. He is a founding member of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee.

Both Jeff and Masumi are strong advocates of digital assets, with each already having made considerable contributions to the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. We are delighted to have both on board as we work to advance global business with Bitcoin SV.


Bitcoin SV Developer Zone launches for China

Another sign of Bitcoin Association’s commitment to developing Bitcoin SV in Asia, earlier in July, the Association announced a formal partnership with the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN), China’s largest IT and software developer community, with 31 million active users and a top 30 Alexa Global Ranking. The Bitcoin SV Developer Zone on CSDN will host a range of Chinese-language educational resources for developers and professionals interested in working with the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Through this cooperation, Bitcoin Association and CSDN will further improve accessibility to world-class blockchain education in China.

The Bitcoin SV Developer Zone is live now at

CSDN will distribute the Chinese language version of our Bitcoin education webinar series with nChain, as well as host the first Chinese-language version of the Bitcoin SV DevCon on August 29-30.


Blockchain Intelligence Group adds BSV Support

Blockchain Intelligence Group, a subsidiary of publicly listed BIGG Digital Assets, announced in July that it was adding support for Bitcoin SV to its suite of blockchain analytics and forensics tools – in particular its QLUE™ analytics product for due diligence and blockchain security investigations into digital currency transactions, and its BitRank Verified® offering which provides financial organizations with the ability to get a risk score on an address and/or transaction allowing for the quick assessment of whether funds have been involved in nefarious activity. The move was made at the request of law enforcement and financial institutions, who can use the tools for purposes as varied as tracking illicit funds to making better-informed credit decisions.

Check out the interview that BIG CEO Lance Morginn gave to CoinGeek, explaining the developments and what they mean for the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.