BSV Update: February 2021

By Alex Speirs Published: February 26, 2021
BSV update

BSV Update and Notes from the Founding President: February 2021

Greetings to everyone in the Bitcoin SV Community!

Jimmy-NguyenThey say that Bitcoin never sleeps, and with the start to 2021 we’ve had, they might want to start adding ‘Association’ to the end of that phrase!

Already we’ve finished the second month of the year, with a long list of actions and achievements for the Association fast falling into place.

Education is a key element of the work that we do at Bitcoin Association, and that’s perhaps never been on better display than it has been the last few months. At the end of 2020, we launched Bitcoin SV Academy, our dedicated online education platform, complete with the very first course, Introduction to Bitcoin Theory. That will be the first of many courses set to appear on the platform, with the introductory modules of the Bitcoin Development and Bitcoin Infrastructure streams both due to drop before the end of Q1.

In addition, our world-first Bitcoin SV massive open online course (MOOC), produced in partnership with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, debuted earlier this month. The MOOC is free to take part in and can be completed at your own pace, but is only available until September 1, so I’d encourage you to not only take part, but spread the word throughout your network, so that more people can understand that true power of Bitcoin!

Congratulations to the teams involved in getting both of these fantastic initiatives off the ground – a huge achievement for all involved – but only a taste of what’s to come in this space from Bitcoin Association in 2021.

We know people are anxious to see more progress for Bitcoin SV businesses, but look carefully and you’ll see that 2021 has already brought some notable developments by companies across the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. I was delighted to see the BitBoss/DotWallet integration announced earlier this month, to go with some considerable developments from both FYX, Vaionex, VXPass, sCrypt and Tokenized, as well as progress from the teams at Faia, nChain and Elas Digital in Tuvalu!

And February brought even more growth – including the launch of the Simple Fabriik Token Protocol and the subsequent creation of several experimental tokens on Fabriik’s platform; Twetch’s launch of a collectable hat NFT and new marketplace; and Unbounded Enterprise launching the game as a tool to show developers how to more easily build Bitcoin SV-based applications (we’ll recap February news next month).

Finally, to support all of the growth we’re seeing for Bitcoin Association and the Bitcoin SV community, we’re expanding our own team! At the start of February, Bitcoin Association welcomed Aaron Zhou, Connor Murray and Liz Louw to the team – the first of what I foresee as many new additions to be made in 2021!

This year is set to be a big one for Bitcoin SV, but Bitcoin SV’s success is not in the hands or responsibility of any one person, company or group; it will require each and every one of us, and many more new participants, to build BSV. So, keep calm, stay safe, work hard, and as always, believe in Satoshi Vision.


Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President
Bitcoin Association


Welcoming 3 new additions to the BA team – Aaron Zhou, Connor Murray & Liz Louw

Kicking off what we expect to be a big year for Bitcoin Association, we are proud to have announced three additions to our team:

Aaron Zhou joins Bitcoin Association as our first China-based technical outreach specialist. The Bitcoin SV community in China is growing fast and strong, and we are excited to continue to offer robust support to the developers in-country. Zhou will use his experience (most recently with IBM) to engage with business, technology and government leaders across China in order to educate them on what Bitcoin SV has to offer for future development.

Connor Murray joins the Bitcoin SV Academy team as a content creator. Murray is the co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin SV-based consumer reviews platform britevue, bringing with him an exciting depth of experience developing on Bitcoin SV to bring to Bitcoin SV Academy’s great offerings. Murray sat down with Bitcoin Association earlier this month to talk about his motivations for taking on the new role and how he plans to balance his growing list of commitments.

Lizette Louw has been a staple of the Bitcoin SV community for some time, and we are delighted to have her join Bitcoin Association as a content marketing specialist. Luow spent the last three years working at Bitcoin SV-based fintech start-up Bitstocks. Now, she will be working to develop and implement a range of new marketing initiatives for Bitcoin Association with a focus on informing enterprises about the benefits of building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Lizette is based in South Africa.

To us, there is no better way to invest in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem than by drawing on the knowledge and experience of those who have already dedicated themselves to the community. The moves are just the beginning of what is set to be a prolific year of growth for Bitcoin Association.


Saxion University MOOC launch

This month, Bitcoin Association and Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands launched the first of our massive open online courses (MOOC) focused on Bitcoin SV. ‘What is Bitcoin and why does it matter?’ is the first of four planned courses to be launched out of our partnership with the University.

At Bitcoin Association, education is a key focus, so initiatives like our partnership with Saxion University are invaluable. We encourage anyone with an interest in building on Bitcoin to enrol in the program. It’s free to attend, but time is limited, as the first course is only available until September 1 – so don’t hesitate and get signed up!


Bitcoin SV Academy Launch

In December, we launched Bitcoin SV Academy as a way to make Bitcoin SV education as accessible as possible to as many people as we could. It offers university-style courses on topics fundamental to Bitcoin SV, broken into three distinct streams – Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Infrastructure and Bitcoin Development.

Steve Shadders, Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team, recently spoke to us about the importance of programmes like Bitcoin SV Academy, saying:

‘The most important piece of infrastructure that Bitcoin can have is access and availability of education. Not only does it broaden the pool of talent available to work and build with Bitcoin, but it also helps to spread awareness of what Bitcoin as an entire technology system can do and is truly capable of.’


Satoshi Nakamoto Scholarship Awarded for second Year

For the second consecutive year, the Satoshi Nakamoto Scholarship has been awarded to University of Cambridge PhD candidate Robin Kohze.

The scholarship was set up to recognise exceptional students and support them in the development of blockchain applications which make use of the unique capabilities of Bitcoin SV. Kohze is a central figure within Cambridge’s thriving Bitcoin SV ecosystem, having founded the Cambridge University Metanet Society – a student-led organisation that offers workshops, discussion forums and more in an effort to generate and nurture interest in Bitcoin SV development. He is also the founder of the Vaionex group of Bitcoin SV ventures.

The first year’s scholarship was awarded to support the development of Kohze’s HIVE platform and protocol, which uses the data storage and payment capabilities of Bitcoin SV to rethink the way that content on user-focused websites organise their information and structure their incentive model. Kohze told Bitcoin Association that he intends to use the second year’s award to further develop the HIVE protocol and formalise the incentive system, underpinning it with an academic research paper Kohze will submit for publication consideration.


BSV in the UAE – Part 2

Now that the dust has settled on Bitcoin Association’s two-stop tour of Dubai to cap off 2020, we have shared a deeper dive on the brilliant blockchain-focused panel sessions that took place at the 13th Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit in December, which coincided with our second visit in late 2020.

I’m proud of the representatives from our community who made the case for Bitcoin SV by highlighting the ways that the technology can be used as part of a broad vision to build a better society for the future – be that through improvements to healthcare, governance, smart cities, even simple payment processing. It was a humbling opportunity to tell the Bitcoin story, advocate for an investment case rooted in utility and demonstrate the meaningful change that Bitcoin SV is uniquely placed to deliver, all to an audience of engaged investors with the wealth and influence to make meaningful change in the world.



In one of the most exciting applications of Bitcoin SV yet, the country of Tuvalu announced in late December 2020 (right before Christmas, in fact) that it plans to use Bitcoin SV to become the world’s first paperless society. It will work with three Bitcoin SV companies to do so: nChain, Faiā, and Elas Digital.

A small nation of roughly 11,000 highly literate citizens without an electronic banking system, Tuvalu makes a perfect test case for a large-scale rollout of infrastructure based on Bitcoin SV technology. But the project is intended to be about far more than just payments: the government is committed to using the Bitcoin SV blockchain to unlock Tuvalu’s potential and meet challenges in a variety of areas.

As George Siosi Samuels, CEO of Bitcoin SV consultancy Faiā (himself part Tuvaluan by descent) put it:

‘Data is the new oil, and Tuvalu is taking the right steps to navigate this new area, just like our wayfinding ancestors did with the oceans.’


FYX Launch

Early February saw the exciting announcement of a new competitive eSports platform by infrastructure provider FYX. FYX is the next evolution of the platform previously known as Kronoverse, which powered Bitcoin SV-based battle game Cryptofights and which enabled users to earn real-life winnings from their online battles.

FYX is set to host a variety of games, with wide-ranging integration capabilities which should allow game developers of all sizes to implement their games on the platform. Thanks to Bitcoin SV’s transaction volume capabilities, FYX is the first step to allowing the blockchain to be used across the gaming ecosystem for purposes as simple as identity verification or as ground-breaking as allowing developers to financially incentivise players in any way they see fit.

We see infrastructure platforms such as FYX as critical to the growth of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, so we would invite you to head over to to check it out yourself!



Gaming technology developer BitBoss has announced an integration between its ‘Dragon BSV’ blockchain-based online casino game platform and the Bitcoin SV-powered DotWallet. This is a major development for both the Bitcoin SV and online gaming communities, as it allows players to wager funds and receive pay-outs directly to and from DotWallet.

BitBoss online games are already built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, but this latest integration is an exciting development in the world of iGaming, as it further removes the intermediary steps standing between the players and the games offered by BitBoss. It is a great example of the full-service integration possibilities that Bitcoin SV creates: to be able to facilitate not just the games themselves, but all of the other infrastructural requirements underpinning them, is a huge value-add which players will now be able to enjoy.