BSV Update: July 2020

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By Alex Speirs Published: July 7, 2020
BSV update

Notes from the Founding President – July 2020

Jimmy-Nguyen3Greetings to everyone across the Bitcoin SV world!

For all of the uncertainty that this year has brought, 2020 continues to fly by and we are now already past the halfway point of the year. Here at Bitcoin Association, we’ve been using the past few months working through a host of behind the scenes preparation, getting ready what is sure to be a busy upcoming season.

This month, two major events on the Bitcoin Association events calendar are taking place: the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon is currently underway, and the Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 is now less than two weeks away (18-19 July 2020). We’ve had a great response to both already, with nearly 250 entrants taking part in the Hackathon and even more signed up for our first-ever DevCon.

If you aren’t already registered, remember that it’s not too late! The coding round of the Hackathon lasts until August 18, so there’s plenty of time left to put together a winning entry and compete for the chance to take home a share of the $100,000 BSV prize pool. Plus, with Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 happening during the virtual competition period, you can learn new skills and apply them instantly to improve your Hackathon submission.

I’ll take a closer look at both the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon and Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 in this month’s BSV update, in addition to:

  • Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee launch
  • CoinGeek New York 2020 conference announcement
  • SeafoodChain (powered by UNISOT) enters in-market pilot phase
  • Introducing Metastreme – a new high throughput wallet for Bitcoin SV
  • Bitcoin SV powered Maxthon 6 beta released
  • Talkin’ Twetch

A final reminder that if you haven’t already, remember that you must apply to join Bitcoin Association under its new Swiss structure if you wish to remain a part of the Association. Existing members have until July 31 to apply to transition their membership to one of the new participation classes. Read more about the changes and what they mean for you at the Bitcoin Association Swiss membership page.

You may have spotted last week that I returned to Twitter following a break from all things social media. For more frequent updates than my monthly letter about everything happening in the Bitcoin SV world, be sure to follow me at my new Twitter handle @JimmyWinSV.

Until next time, stay safe and believe in Satoshi Vision.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President
Bitcoin Association

3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon in Full Swing – Connecting the World to One Global Blockchain

The 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon is in full swing, with almost 250 entrants so far registered and taking part. If you haven’t yet registered to take part, there’s still time! Remember that this Hackathon has an 8-week coding period, so there’s still 6 weeks left to get your entries in and compete for your share of the $100,000 BSV prize pool.

The social and support channels have been buzzing with enthusiasm, as competitors work towards developing solutions in line with our theme: connecting the world to one global blockchain. Entrants are asked to build an application that leverages efficiencies and benefits from data being written to and accessible from a single global blockchain. That could be an application which breaks down historic industry data silos, improves cross-border business, or something else entirely. The only limit is your imagination!

Learn more about the Bitcoin SV Hackathon and register at


Less than 2 weeks to go until Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020

There are now less than 2 weeks to go until the inaugural Bitcoin SV Devcon kicks off, with the virtual conference set for July 18-19. Hosted in partnership with nChain and powered by WeAreDevelopers, the two-day event will see some of the brightest minds in Bitcoin – true pioneers of blockchain technology – leading interactive, workshop-style sessions as part of a comprehensive weekend of learning.

We took a closer look at the line-up of sessions on the Bitcoin Association website, detailing the speakers and sessions that makeup Day 1 and Day 2, so be sure to have a closer read of those to find out everything happening at Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020.

It’s free to register and attend, so be sure to sign up today at the WeAreDevelopers website.

Bitcoin Association launches Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee

Last month, Bitcoin Association announced the official formation of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC), as well as its initial committee membership and the focus area for its first technical workgroup. The TSC was formed to recommend global technical standards that will help interoperability and increase the speed of growth of the Bitcoin SV network. The TSC will explore and recommend preferred technical standards for many different aspects of operating with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, such as how wallets interact with each other and the formats for metadata in transactions.

Participation will be open to the wider Bitcoin SV community, with calls for expressions of interest to participate in area-specific technical workgroups, with the first focused on developing a standard data format for Merkle proofs. To find out more, visit the Bitcoin Association Technical Standards Committee page.


CoinGeek New York 2020 conference announced

The flagship CoinGeek conferences are the preeminent events on the digital asset calendar each year for the Bitcoin SV community. February’s CoinGeek London raised the bar very high, and now, CoinGeek have announced that their next event will be held in New York this October. The event will be a hybrid live & live-stream experience, ensuring that global circumstances provide no barrier to attendance.

Bitcoin Association is once again delighted to partner with CoinGeek on the event and will look forward to bringing you further news and updates as the event draws nearer.

To stay up to date, register your interest today at

SeafoodChain enters in-market pilot phase

UNISOT, the Norweigian enterprise supply chain management company, announced an exciting development for its SeafoodChain platform which has now officially entered its pilot phase with in-market testing. SeafoodChain enables real-time tracking of seafood products along the supply chain, from sea to plate, with all data recorded to and accessible from the Bitcoin SV blockchain. SeafoodChain is being tested in-market with companies across three different stages of the value chain for halibut, with a leading fish producer, a major seafood retailer, and a chain of sushi restaurants all involved in the test.

Learn more about the pilot programme on the SeafoodChain website.

Introducing Metastreme – a new high throughput wallet for Bitcoin SV

The Australian outfit behind WeatherSV – one of the applications consistently writing high volumes of data to the Bitcoin SV blockchain – is leveraging its expertise to help other companies to produce high-volume data applications through a set of B2B infrastructure tools.

Metastreme, a high-throughput wallet that companies can use to more easily send automated feeds of data transactions – recently entered its beta phase. On June 24, Metastreme ran a stress test on the mainnet: using its new high throughput wallet, it sent 1 million transactions to the network in 30 minutes. The network handled the high volume well, and the transactions were mined into 3 successive blocks, yielding a transaction throughput of approximately 600 transactions per second.

Mestatreme has secured partners for several pilot projects, with blog posts written to describe 3 of them. These demonstrate interesting use cases for high volume data capacity and predictive intelligence on BSV:

  1. manufacturing “maker space” in Australia – a project to use the Bitcoin SV ledger to record data as a way to track authenticity, origin, & quality control of products, in addition to providing a mechanism to pay contributors.
  2. Farm in ONE – an initiative to create a proof of concept for a gateway to connect the Farm in One agriculture planning platform to the Bitcoin SV network for WeatherSV data, as a way to facilitate data-based automated precision irrigation and other farming decisions.
  3. Predict Ecology – a big data and predictive modeling project for use in environmental and ecological monitoring. Data from sensor devices that record flora & fauna carbon sequestration and biodiversity, as well as automated IoT sensors that track water quality and volume will all be recorded to the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Bitcoin SV powered Maxthon 6 browser – beta released

Global internet browser company Maxthon has released the beta version of its Maxthon 6 browser – a full-featured browser that integrates Bitcoin SV tools, including a blockchain identity manager and payments API – for its 670 million users. The browser is the first step towards an internet built using Bitcoin, a concept known as the Metanet developed by Dr. Craig Wright.

Try Maxthon 6 today at


Talkin’ Twetch

Bitcoin SV powered social media app Twetch has gone from strength-to-strength since its beta release burst onto the scene in 2019. Last month, we sat down for a chat with Twetch CMO and Bitcoin Association Ambassador, Billy Rose to talk his journey to and vision for Bitcoin, as well as profiling the Twetch platform in our latest Bitcoin SV use case.