BSV WEEKLY UPDATE – 14th August, 2019

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By Jimmy Nguyen Published: August 14, 2019
bsv weekly update

Bitcoin Association Global Expansion

Former SBI Group executive Jerry David Chan joins Bitcoin Association as Japan and South Korea Manager to grow Bitcoin SV

Most recently, Jerry spearheaded blockchain strategic initiatives at SBI Group, the financial technology conglomerate in Japan, and served as General Manager and Chief of Digital Asset Solutions.  Based in Tokyo, his portfolio covers growth of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) throughout Japan and South Korea – two key markets for the Bitcoin industry.  Jerry will also devote time to Singapore and Malaysia.  His work will highlight the unique capabilities of the Bitcoin SV blockchain to developers, enterprises, miners, venture investors, and Bitcoin users.

Bitcoin Association Virtual Hackathon

The Virtual Hackathon is setting the stage for developers to build new applications on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and will take place over this weekend starting August 17, 2019 for 48 hours. In total, 144 teams (which include 203 team members) have registered to join from all around the world, including the USA, Spain, India, Australia, China, Canada and the UK. In fact, over 20 countries are represented in this hackathon.

The three finalists will present their application at the CoinGeek Conference in Seoul on October 2, 2019 and will be in the running to win Bitcoin SV to the value of $20,000 USD for first prize, $10,000 USD for second and $5,000 USD for third place. The finalists may also be offered investment funds for their applications.

bitcoin association screenshot august 2019 hackathon page


Datapay update

nChain’s Steve Shadders’ call to action for app developers to upgrade their OP_RETURN code prior to the BSV Genesis upgrade was made in late July. It outlined the code that needs to be implemented to keep applications running from February 2020.

Respected developer, Unwriter announced that Datapay has been updated to support safe mode, the new OP_RETURN standard capable of handling the Genesis upgrade. Datapay is the user-friendly library to allow developers to build and broadcast data transactions to the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Datapay is now ready for the February 2020 Genesis upgrade, but it is also backwards compatible, meaning it can continue to work with applications that are yet to be configured for the protocol change.

BOB (Bitcoin OP_RETURN Bytecode)

Unwriter, this week unveiled BOB (Bitcoin OP_RETURN Bytecode) a new transaction serialization format for dealing with Bitcoin transactions, particularly OP_RETURNs.

In the Medium post introducing Bob, Unwriter starts by explaining that previously existing Planaria systems have been based on a serialization format named TXO. He further states “BOB is a new, modified version of TXO which adopts an abstract machine metaphor. Put simply, BOB is a serialization format and is a convenient way for dealing with OP_RETURN scripts.

Unwriter states that “this is the first version of BOB and it will keep evolving based on usage patterns and feedback” as such he is asking users to send questions and feedback.


RateSV, who have just released version 1.0 offers users a platform for earning Bitcoin SV by investing in real-time on a financial data channel by allowing the flow of data to the blockchain. RateSV not only offers its users an opportunity to invest in BSV but to also record data gain ownership of the data and the channel. This means users can earn revenue every time there’s an API request for data owned. This also means that users can earn revenue by reselling their channels or by posting ads on their channels.

The user channel can contain information such as stock prices, weather data and social media information. RateSV expects to release version 2.0 in September this year.

Satoshi Shout-Out

Edge Cases: The Metanet Blog

Jack Davies- nChain Researcher has written a Metanet blog series that will, in the coming months will explore details of the Metanet, the Metanet protocol, and Bitcoin.

Jack states that “The posts in the series will initially lay out the foundations for a deep understanding of the Metanet, and the Metanet protocol, by elaborating on materials that are already available and diving deeper into the rationale behind them”.

He further states that he is hoping “to provide some insights that aid the general understanding of the Metanet protocol in the community and help to crystallise all of its fundamental concepts”. The first post in the series gives a non-technical overview of the series.

The creation of this much welcomed resource is the reason why Jack Davies is our Satoshi Shout-out this week.