BSV WEEKLY UPDATE – 19th June, 2019

By Jimmy Nguyen Published: June 19, 2019
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – March 27th, 2019

This week the Bitcoin Association team are at The Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 Conference held in Bogota, Colombia. While we spend the week with the Colombian BSV business community we look at the exciting new developments from WhatsOnChain and DrawBridge Lending both of whom are growing their business using BSV.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, Bitcoin Association

and your BSV Global Advocate

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019

The Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 is right now showcasing the best the Bitcoin world has to offer. Alongside an impressive schedule of speakers, the conference aims to show the world that Colombia can bring big businesses to Bitcoin.

The conference will span five days, from June 19 to 23, in Bogotá, Colombia in the Corferias- international convention centre.

A key feature of the conference will be the marketplace, where over 200 commercial stands will offer products for sale exclusively with BSV. It will be a great chance for visitors engage in commerce with the only digital currency built to massively scale to the needs of these businesses.

The Bitcoin Arena, a 2,000-seat venue, will be the place for attendees to watch the speakers. As the conference organiser states:

“In the Expo-Bitcoin Arena, we brought the most influential minds of our time in this matter to unveil the true power and purpose of this Bitcoin Technology, Metanet, and the future of the Internet of value with Bitcoin. Also, we will turn on a lighthouse for the governments around the world, so they can adapt and survive, and reach the safe haven of this peaceful Economic and Social revolution.”

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 is operated by Bitek, a Colombian cryptocurrency payment processor. They have been strong supporters of Satoshi Vision, and have promoted the education of digital currencies in Colombia.


The team behind  WhatsOnChain (WOC) have improved their infrastructure and have stated that they “are now ready for the next level”.

They have added

  • Metanet decoding plugins
  • Users subscriptions on WhatsOnChain
  • And a feature that allows developers to charge for use

These features mean that users will be able to build their own decoders, host them on WOC, and charge other users to use them. This means that not only does the developer get paid and incentivised to create viable business models and high quality plugins.  It also allows for more competition in the marketplace.

The full Specifications will be published in the telegram channel which you can find by following this link

Satoshi Shout-Out

DrawBridge Lending

Users can now secure loans against their Bitcoin BSV. This significant milestone is the work of Chicago-based DrawBridge Lending who now offer BSV non-recourse loans with no margin calls. The main advantage of DrawBridge’s loan product is that the borrower can keep their BSV coin but generate enough returns to pay down the cost of funds. The borrower is free to position the cash proceeds for their own needs while retaining ownership, and potential price upside, of their coin.

This is an important milestone for the BSV ecosystem as it firstly demonstrates that trade desks are willing to engage in options trades with BSV coins and how it is appealing to mainstream finance Secondly, as the trading of derivatives on the coin becomes more widespread in the BSV ecosystem, finance professionals will produce more products to unleash the full potential of the asset.

For choosing to expand into BSV DrawBridge Lending are this week’s Satoshi Shout-Out. We are pleased to see further real-life business utility for BSV.