BSV WEEKLY UPDATE – 21st August, 2019

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By Jimmy Nguyen Published: August 21, 2019
bsv weekly update

Welcome Lise Li – China Manager for Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association would like to introduce and welcome Lise Li as our new China Manager. Lise is the former Chief Operating Officer of Rawpool, a Bitcoin mining pool in China. Based in Beijing, Lise will implement a comprehensive strategy for growth of BitcoinSV throughout China which is a key market for the Bitcoin industry. Lise Li brings valuable China market experience and relationships to Bitcoin Association and BSV’s growth.

At Rawpool, Lise’s responsibilities included a digital mining project, management of the mining pool operation, expanding customer accounts, and technical research and cryptocurrency industry analysis. Her new role at Bitcoin Association will include work to highlight the unique capabilities of the Bitcoin SV blockchain to developers, enterprises, miners, venture investors, and Bitcoin users.

Hackathon update

Bitcoin Association Hackathon

The Bitcoin Association conducted its second Bitcoin SV [BSV] hackathon over the weekend, run by blockchain advisory and development group nChain and sponsored by CoinGeek. The contest attracted developer teams from around the world with registration of teams from over 35 countries.

Of this, 18 entries were completed that met the submission requirements including the competition’s theme of USE of Bitcoin. Contestants were asked to create an application on BSV that charges a very small amount for an action that has value to the user. The challenge was to find meaningful ways that ordinary people can use small amounts of Bitcoin to get users further engaged; this means micropayments of a few cents or even fractions of a cent.

Preliminary Judging has begun with the three finalists scheduled to be announced by early September. A representative from each finalist team will then be flown to CoinGeek Seoul where the final judging will take place by a panel of industry leaders and audience voting. They will be competing for a total prize pool of USD $35,000, paid in BSV.

Metanet News

Metanet blog

In his Metanet blog, nChain researcher Jack Davies has been exploring what the Metanet is and how it will reshape today’s Internet. In his first prior blog,, he defined in detail what Metanet actually is, and this past week expanded the discussion in part two of his series by focusing on what is the Metanet protocol.

Davies explained: “The Metanet protocol, then, is a tool that can allow the on-chain data used in these applications — and many more in the future — to be woven together. We thereby allow disparate on-chain data to be structured in ways that improve the functionality of the applications they are powering and help achieve the mission of allowing users to truly own their data on the Metanet.”

Next week’s post from Davies promises to detail the valuable properties of the node and edge structure used to create the Metanet graph.

Satoshi Shout-Out

BitcoinSV Developers website

A website has been launched. This exciting new platform offers much sought after consulting services and solutions for anyone who is looking to build applications on Bitcoin SV, for this reason they are this week’s Satoshi- shout out.

The launch was announced this week on Twitter, as the platform’s developer @syn-fo-naut, stated: “If you want to create your project on BSV/Metanet, come get help through Office Hours and Consulting. The goal of this project is to help as many people as possible build and work full-time on BSV.”

Office Hours is the section of the platform that allows developers to access experts in certain areas for a short information session for their projects through scheduled interaction. According to the website, “Office Hours lets you chat directly with knowledgeable Bitcoin SV developers about your project.”

If a developer or enterprise need to engage additional assistance or more thorough engagement including someone to build their project, the option to access a consultant is available.

bitcoin sv developers website screenshot