BSV WEEKLY UPDATE – 26th June, 2019

Jimmy Nguyen wearing a yellow tie
By Jimmy Nguyen Published: June 26, 2019
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – March 27th, 2019

From around the world, developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts are showing that they support the Satoshi Vision for the world’s new money and global enterprise blockchain. Read below to learn all about the exciting developments in the BSV ecosystem in this week’s BSV weekly update.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, Bitcoin Association

and your BSV Global Advocate


The team at UptimeSV have just launched a new landing page. The app will allow enterprise to crowdsource accurate, highly distributed, network intelligence from real users of the BitcoinSV blockchain in real-time.

Interested users can register their interest in the beta located at the bottom of the page, both enterprises that wish to use the service and users who wish to act as testing nodes can register. In the first 24 hours they had already received 100 sign ups.

uptime sv

Satoshi Shout out

MetaWriter and Metanet Planaria

MetaWriter is a simple command line tool for creating Metanet nodes and allows users to construct valid Metanet transactions. This is perfectly timed with _unwriter’s release of Metanet Planaria a tool that allows Metanet transactions to be interpreted and displayed in a browser.

MetaWriter creates Metanet nodes in the blockchain in a hierarchical structure allowing them to be referenced by user friendly names and paths. An example of this is the construct a tree of on-chain, Metanet-valid transactions that represents the structure of a simple photo album as demonstrated by nChain researcher Jack Davies ( @JackD004 ).

In order to use this tool, users will need access to some BSV for funding your transactions. It is suggested to create a new, independent wallet with a small amount of BSV that can be used for your Metanet nodes.

For continuing to build and grow the BSV ecosystem these two complimentary products and their creators are this week’s Satoshi Shout out.

Metanet Planaria

Bitcoin Association around the world

Expo-Bitcoin International 2019

This week the Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 was held in Bogota, Colombia from June 19-23 at the Corferias, the international convention centre with the team from Bitcoin Association in attendance. The event was devoted to Bitcoin SV (BSV) education and how the technology will be used within regulatory frameworks to improve the lives of people in Latin America.

The list of speakers included Jimmy Nguyen, Dr. Craig S. Wright – nChain Chief Scientist, Steve Shadders – nChain CTO, Ryan X Charles – MoneyButton CEO and Connor Murray of Bitcoin and Beyond. Videos will be made available soon from these speakers including their presentations and behind the scenes interviews. Over the five days many other speakers from Colombia presented too.

While in Bogota, Dr. Craig S. Wright, was invited to the Concejo de Bogota (the Council of Bogota) to speak about Bitcoin and law.  Dr. Wright was officially introduced to the Council as Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. He spoke about his vision for a global connected economy, where anyone can own property and the poorest and most isolated people can trade their goods anywhere in the world. He particularly focussed on the importance of regulation and working with governments to make Satoshi’s Vision happen for Latin America.

Craig S. Wright
Craig S. Wright

Crypto Evolved

On June 25th, Jimmy Nguyen was part of a panel named Link in the Chain moderated by Lisa Seim (Strategic Exchanges), discussing how to leverage distributed ledger technology for financial products. Other panelists included: Mark Shelby Smith (Symbiont), Mike Manning (Provenance) and Sonia Goklani (Cleartrack).

crypto evolved speakers

Jimmy also spent discussed how BitcoinSV is the only solution to scaling Bitcoin, with Jill Malandrino from Nasdaq

jimmy nguyen being interviewed