BSV Weekly Update 28th August 2019

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By Jimmy Nguyen Published: August 28, 2019
bsv weekly update

Polynym – cross-wallet BSV transactions

Polynym, as stated on their website,  is a “simple BSV address resolution for HandCash, RelayX and PayMail handles.” While it has only been recently released, it has already received attention and is a good option for facilitating transactions across different BSV wallet types.   

User just need to enter a $handle, 1handle, PayMail or P2PKH address into the website’s interface, the associated QR code and hash address are then revealed. By copying the address, users can easily send funds to that address, without the need to remember the entire hash code. The positive for the wallet owner is that it gives an easy, accessible interface to retrieve the hash address when making purchases with BSV.


OKEx, supporting BSV since February 2019, is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world and was recently ranked 12th in the world for adjusted volume, having facilitated $689 million in volume traded. They have just announced that they now offer daily settlement for its futures contracts for Bitcoin SV (BSV).

The company have said that that the settlement time for BSV futures contract will be changed from once a week to 10:00 Daily (CEST). The settlement time for weekly contracts, which takes place every Friday, will not be affected. This change was to allow for optimized users’ trading experience.

Satoshi Shout-Out:  BSV Wallet Workshop

This week’s Satoshi Shout-Out goes to all participants in the latest BSV Wallet Workshop. The Workshop was held a few months ago at the Royal Academy of engineering in London and was sponsored by Bitcoin Association.  Some of the best minds came together to discuss the future roadmap of BSV. The workshop resulted in several ideas for standards with the goal of allowing for agreed to mechanisms that are necessary to create more complex products and applications.

Participants noted that the BSV blockchain can now do things that could not be done before and want to focus on ensuring that future growth, which is predicted to be explosive, is done on a robust stable and scalable blockchain.   For their collaboration and spirt to support BSV’s growth, the BSV Wallet Workshop participants get a big Satoshi Shout-Out.

Watch what some of the participants had to say here