BSV WEEKLY UPDATE – 3rd July, 2019

By Jimmy Nguyen Published: July 3, 2019
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – March 27th, 2019

This week Dr Craig S. Wright asserted, under oath, that he was Satoshi Nakamoto and that he authored the White paper, furthering his commitment to bringing Bitcoin to the world. The dedication towards realising Satoshi’s Vision by the ecosystem is evidenced by all the growth we see and report about weekly.

This week we will look at more applications being built on the BSV blockchain, and developer tools being released. The second wallet workshop is also being held this week and demonstrates the willingness of enterprise to come together to build and to show the world what can be done on the BSV global enterprise blockchain.

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Dr Craig S. Wright Update- Court

It was a historic day for Bitcoin last week, when on Friday, Dr Craig S. Wright asserted, under oath, that he was Satoshi Nakamoto and that he authored the White paper.  Dr Wright, chief scientist for nChain was in U.S. federal court in West Palm Beach, Florida, testifying in a lawsuit about his time working with Dave Kleiman on what would, eventually become Bitcoin. The lawsuit was filed by Ira Kleiman on behalf of the estate of Dave Kleiman.

The assertion didn’t garner any objection from Kleiman’s attorneys. In fact, in later cross-examination of Dr Wright, Kleiman’s attorney referred to him as inventor of Bitcoin. Dr Wright explained that he kept his Satoshi Nakamoto identity a secret for many reasons including how Bitcoin came to be used for darknet marketplaces such as Silk Road and Hydra, which aided the selling of addictive hard drugs, child pornography, and other serious illegal activities. 

The original Bitcoin created by Dr Wright was never meant to incorporate a system of reusable public addresses, consequently he never kept a record of them. Dr Craig S. Wright stated that the original Bitcoin did not use public addresses in the same way that they do now; instead, it relied on public-private pairs, with the private keys needed to spend the coins. Now people incorrectly use a public address like a bank account number, where coin holders accumulate Bitcoin and then spend from that address. You can read a more comprehensive outline of the case here.

Dr Wright concluded his testimony last Friday, the evidentiary hearing on the discovery issue is expected to resume in August.

Wallet workshop

Once again some of the best and brightest minds in Bitcoin SV are convening in London this week for the second Bitcoin Association Wallet Workshop. With nChain CTO Steve Shadders and team hosting, there is a packed agenda with issues to be discussed ranging from EDI to Paymail extensions and ways to improve the SPV experience to future proof the ecosystem.  With almost double the number of participants of the original workshop we can expect some valuable new technology to come out of it to improve the user experience and use cases of Bitcoin SV.



This week Eli Afram (@justicemate) introduced On-Chain BSV/MAPS. The map duplicates and works with the MAP protocol to deliver an “economic community” driven business-map listing solution.

According to @justicemate “The data is stored on the public blockchain and can be updated by anyone. At present there are many BSV MAP websites each with siloed data points. This fixes the problem and makes it a public register”.

He further states that people can add a new business instantly with no approval required. Users then vote on any listing; similar he states to a reddit style up or down vote. The vote is a transaction with less than a 1c miner fee applied. If a user lists entry with incorrect content, the economic community is likely to downvote and remove content.

@justicemate said “the app currently uses google maps for the underlay, but literally any map can be used for this purpose. As the content grows, BSV becomes a repo for all public business data”.


BSV/DEVS- The Bitcoin SV Resource Centre, with a total of 147 listings of which 139 are active and 4 pending, remains one of the best ways to see what applications are available on BSV. The site is easy to navigate and provides descriptions and a link to all the applications it features.

Some of the most recent published Listings are:

Satoshi Shout-out


Very few people are unfamiliar with prolific application developer _unwriter who released his latest article titled Phase 2 on Medium this week.  In news that excited the BSV community it was stated “I will start to let go of my very anonymity”and “I will form a company to provide accountability and professional quality service, so businesses and developers can focus on their applications”.

_unwriter explained that they have seen projects and companies starting build on Bitcoin SV. With some of them using _unwriter tools to do so such as Datapay, Planaria and Bitbus. They explained that many transactions are needed in the future to provide revenue for miners as block rewards will eventually become zero. The high transaction volume can only come from getting businesses and enterprise that create transactions to build on BSV. Business will only build when they have certainty that the blockchain will always exist.

In _unwriters own words “I can just sit around and keep saying some economically incentivized actor will come around someday and solve all the problems, or I can become that economically incentivized actor. And to do that, I must take a leap”. For taking that leap _unwriter is our Satoshi Shout-Out this week.