BSV WEEKLY UPDATE – 7th August, 2019

Jimmy Nguyen wearing a yellow tie
By Jimmy Nguyen Published: August 7, 2019
bsv weekly update

Bitcoin SV Node news

The second and more significant hard forking upgrade of Bitcoin SV is coming up in February 2020 and is planned to include a set of protocol restoration changes that represent an almost complete return to the original protocol.  The proposed date is 11 years, 1 month and 1 day after the original Genesis block and this represents the return to Genesis and the restoration of the Satoshi Vision.

It important that everyone in the BSV ecosystem, from developers, miners’ wallets and exchanges to keep up to date with the latest news from the Bitcoin SV Node team. Now that has been made easier with the addition of a feature to allow people to sign up to receive news notification emailed to them when news is posted on the site.

You can sign up here to be kept informed of all Bitcoin SV Node news.

BSV Directories

BSV/DEVS Directory

BSV/DEVS Directory, the one stop shop for all Bitcoin SV related resources, announced on Twitter that they now support user accounts. This means that users can now claim any listing as theirs and make edits and updates if required.

BSV/DEVS also now supports file uploads such as attaching manuals, specifications and other related material to applications. This means that users are now able to delete, edit, change listing profile and text, or upload files effortlessly for any listing that they claim.

The Onchain BSV/Maps feature is also constantly being updated which makes it easy to see where BSV is accepted near you.

BSV Galaxy

BSV Galaxy is a new directory and Bitcoin SV Artists Collective. This website allows member who pay a fee in fiat current or BSV to find and collaborate with other members. It’s also a place for business development for projects from the artists.

As stated on its website, “BSV Galaxy has been created to help people around the world understand what Bitcoin SV is and why it is the real Bitcoin. We have one purpose in mind, to help you to use the Bitcoin SV Blockchain to create new tools, applications, and ultimately change the world into a better place using Proof Of Work”.

Satoshi Shout-Out

Bitcoin SV Node team

As discussed in a recent post to the BitcoinSV node site, lead developer Daniel Connolly discusses how the Bitcoin SV blockchain functions as normal and can reliably process enormous numbers of transactions. This post was written to clarify and correct the false suggestion that the Bitcoin SV Blockchain suffered from a “three-way fork” as a result of the planned hard-fork upgrade on the 24th July and the subsequent 256MB blocks on July 28, and the August 3 weekend stress test initiated by a member of the Chinese Bitcoin SV community.

Daniel Conolly and all the team behind the Bitcoin SV Node receive our Satoshi Shout-out for their tireless work to build and strengthen the Satoshi Vision.