BullishArt lists new Puggo Sapiens NFT collection minted on BSV

Alex Speirs 512 x 320
By Jamie McKane Published: February 22, 2022
Puggo Sapiens and BullishArt logo on a puggo artwork

BullishArt, the curated marketplace for non-fungible token (NFT) artworks which uses the BSV blockchain, has minted a collection of 4,000 Puggo Sapiens NFTs on its platform. BullishArt provides a single destination for art NFTs curated by experts across multiple blockchains, offering a platform that ensures authenticity and traceability for artists and collectors.

The Puggo Sapiens collection comprises hyper-customised NFTs with varying traits and rarities which can be purchased from RelayX. Each NFT is an artistic rendition of an adventurous, space-faring pug equipped with an impressive variety of possible traits and attire options. Puggo Sapiens have a total of 529 possible traits, each of which is reflected by a unique art component, such as headwear, glasses, or tattoos. When you mint your Puggo, these traits create an artwork that is uniquely and forever yours, with your ownership being cemented into the BSV blockchain’s digital ledger.

The collection was crafted over a period of six months by a team of designers with more than 20 years of experience, resulting in high-quality artworks with artistic value that extends far beyond that of many other NFT collections.

As a curated NFT platform, BullishArt places great importance on the quality of the art which it mints and showcases. It not only provides a single, easily navigable destination for art and collectible lovers interested in the blockchain but also elevates the utility of NFT artworks due to their inclusion in BullishArt’s curated catalogue.

It is also important to note that unlike many other NFT collections, those who buy a Puggo Sapiens NFT will retain full ownership over their Puggo artwork – including the right to monetise the artwork through merchandising and other commercial distribution methods.

This complete ownership is reflected in an immutable record stored on the BSV blockchain, which is created via a native smart contract when the minting transaction is completed. The sale and trade of Puggos is also recorded on the BSV blockchain, allowing ownership of these tokens to be easily tracked and queried.

Thanks to its big block size, unbounded scaling and low transaction fees, the BSV blockchain offers the ability to store full NFT data on-chain without the need for third-party data hosting providers, as is the case with other blockchain protocols like Ethereum, where transaction (gas) fees are too high to efficiently store large amounts of data in the digital ledger.

The BSV blockchain offers the native functionality to deliver NFTs that are efficiently minted and traded at an unprecedented scale while retaining full public auditability secured by proof-of-work consensus. Additionally, the network’s built-in support for complex smart contracts and high transaction volumes offers endless further opportunities for the utilisation and commercialisation of these NFTs within the Metaverse.

To get your own Puggo Sapien NFT, visit the RelayX listing or the project’s official website.