3rd BSV Hackathon by the Numbers

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By Alex Speirs Published: August 31, 2020
bsv hackathon 3rd bitcoin sv hackathon by the numbers

With the coding phase of the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon complete and the judging period drawing to a close, we look back at the competition so far in what has been our most popular Hackathon to date.

One of the premier events in Bitcoin Association’s developer education programme, Bitcoin SV Hackathon’s challenge entrants to both learn and innovate on the fly. Those taking part are tasked with developing an application or service within the parameters of a given theme that utilise the unique capabilities of the Bitcoin SV blockchain, all within a fixed time period.

The theme for this iteration of the competition was ‘Connecting the world to one global blockchain’. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Bitcoin SV blockchain is its ability to scale unbounded, which brings with it a host of opportunities to facilitate interoperability that was never before possible. Entrants were tasked with leveraging this capability as a core element of their project, using the blockchain to establish greenfield interconnectivity or create new efficiencies.

For the first two editions of the Bitcoin SV Hackathon, the coding phase of the competition – where entrants conceptualise, design and develop their solution – was held over a 48 hour period. This edition however, did things a little differently. With many people homebound as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon was contested with an extended 8-week coding phase, giving entrants more time to develop and refine their ideas than in past competitions.

While on its surface that may appear a lofty task, it’s part of the pursuit of a major pool of prizes, with $100k USD in BSV staked for the winners – $50,000 for 1st place, $30,000 for 2nd, and $20,000 for 3rd.

The results of the new format speak for themselves.

In all, 418 people took part in the competition – the most ever to participate in a Bitcoin SV Hackathon. The virtual edition proved no obstacle to collaboration either, with a near equal split between the number of competitors who entered solo and those who competed as part of a team.

With geography no bound in a virtual competition, those taking part did so from all over the world. 75 different countries were represented, with entrants taking part from as far afield as Australia and Azerbaijan, right through to Italy and Iran. The most popular nationality of entrants was American, followed closely by Nigerian and Indian.

A larger pool of entrants brought with them a diverse array of skills and experience. The most common programming language for participants to be fluent in was Javascript, with more than one-third of entrants indicating that as a specialty. Along with Javascript, Python, Java, Node.js, and HTML5 were the most frequent specialties represented.

It’s perhaps little surprise then that full-stack developer was the most oft-cited profession of participants, but the competition attracted specialists from a multitude of fields, including data scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, and product specialists.

At the close of the coding round, 42 projects were submitted for judging, with entries spanning a range as wide as a blockchain-based solution for parking, right through to a new take on learning with an interconnected incentivized education platform.

Those entries are currently being considered by a distinguished panel of judges, from which three finalists will be selected to move to the final phase of the competition next month at CoinGeek Live. The trio of finalists will present their projects as part of the programming on the first day of the conference, before final judging and the announcement of placings. All finalists will also have the opportunity to have their project considered for venture funding from the Ayre Group, who closed an investment with TonicPow – the second place winner from the 1st Bitcoin SV Hackathon.

The finalists for the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon will be announced Wednesday, September 2nd on CoinGeek and the Bitcoin Association website. To watch the final presentations and see who goes home with first prize and $50,000 BSV, register for your free ticket to attend CoinGeek Live today at coingeekconference.com

Bitcoin SV Hackathon by the numbers