CG London 2020: Sponsorship Recipients

By admin Published: January 29, 2020

The names of developers to have been awarded sponsorship for travel costs ahead of the CoinGeek London Conference have been announced.

The recipients of the travel sponsorship was announced on Twitter, and they include: @bitjefe, @dailyzhou, @satoplay1, @osmas, @MemiumApp, @bitruption, @WFQ1234, @andsnw, @Lloydsayce, and @hlynurbj.

Twitter users @bitcoinsofia, @seenosea1, @AzhellTom, @WianKoch, @jubag_, @aviwolicki, @dfoderick, @breathedml, @brandonbryant02, and @jonathanaird will also receive BSV to help fund their London trip for the conference.

The successful applicants will have their travel costs to the London conference sponsored by WallStreet5 and the Bitcoin Association, in a bid to broaden the international scope of developers attending the event.

It follows on from a previous sponsorship drive backed by WallStreet5, which saw 13 developers flown out to the Toronto conference last year.

The sponsorship was open to applicants from around the world, with over 20 submissions from developers keen to attend. The long list was comprised of developers from the United States, China, Canada, Norway, South Africa, Bulgaria and Israel.

The upcoming CoinGeek Conference in London is a chance for BSV developers from across the globe to learn more about building applications for bitcoin. The event will also provide an opportunity for networking, and for developers to share ideas around their projects.

The conference, which is being held at Old Billingsgate in London on February 20-21, 2020, will be the biggest event of its kind, reflecting the growth in BSV development globally. It follows on from successful conferences in Seoul, Toronto and Beijing in recent months.

The event will feature presentations on the latest developments in the BSV community, including explainer sessions on new technologies and upgrades in the pipeline for bitcoin SV.

Aside from keynote presentations from some of the industry’s most respected speakers, the conference will also provide developers with opportunities to pitch their ideas, both to collaborators and investors, as part of the Bitcoin Association’s commitment to encouraging and supporting bitcoin development worldwide.

Congratulations to the travel sponsorship recipients!