CSDN and BSV Blockchain launch Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme

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By Jamie McKane Published: January 7, 2022
CSDN and Bitcoin Association event

Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business on the BSV blockchain, and CSDN have partnered to launch the CSDN Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme, a new initiative aimed at fostering opportunities for blockchain developers and boosting the growth of the blockchain industry in China. The programme was announced at BSV DevCon China, which took place in Shanghai on November 13th and 14th 2021.

BSV DevCon China attracted blockchain and technology experts from around the world to discuss and explore the technical innovations enabled by the BSV blockchain. Speaking at the event, CSDN CTO Chen Yulong and BSV China Hub head Lise Li officially announced the programme and its aim of developing blockchain talent in the region.

Due to the rapid development of the blockchain industry and the ambitious new projects being built on this infrastructure, China has seen growing demand for developers who are capable of building the blockchain applications that will usher in the next era of digital services. Developers interested in diving into the world of blockchain must grapple with a complex and unique new ecosystem, and the Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme aims to empower its learners by providing them with the skills and training necessary to make this shift.

CSDN is a China-based community specifically catering to software developers that hosts over 32 million users, making it the ideal platform on which to offer a certification that educates developers about the BSV blockchain and its extensive capabilities. The BSV blockchain is a global enterprise blockchain that supports unprecedented data throughput thanks to its unlimited block sizes and extremely low transaction fees. Its native smart contract support and reliable protocol make it the ideal infrastructure on which to build next-generation blockchain applications, and therefore the best technology for aspiring blockchain developers to learn about.

Li notes that it can be difficult for developers to find blockchain-related learning resources that provide them with the information and skills they need to begin building applications as quickly as possible. In a blockchain industry that is growing exponentially, the Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme offers learners the key skills they need to quickly begin building functional projects on the BSV blockchain.

‘The launch of this CSDN Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme is proof of our being responsible for the community. The blockchain industry has a promising vision, but we must endeavor to usher more youngsters into the blockchain realm in a faster and smoother fashion,’ Li says.


Designed to grow blockchain talent

Like any burgeoning technology, the initial progress in the development of blockchain-based apps were made by uniquely talented and self-taught engineers, already adept coders who took a special interest in the technology and its implications for the world of data. Now, however, there is a need for more blockchain developers, each with their own specialised knowledge and training.

‘Blockchain has come to be defined as a sort of infrastructure. We also need to stratify blockchain talent. In the future, there will be some people specialized in the research of infrastructure, those who invent the wheel. But we don’t have to reinvent the wheel,’ Yulong says.

‘Instead, we need a lot more people to pursue business innovations by means of developing blockchain apps.’

The CSDN Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme has been designed with this concept in mind, and its assessment criteria are based around the development of blockchain applications that run on the underlying infrastructure of the BSV blockchain.

The programme evaluates four major modules: basic concepts, fundamental principles, development skills and blockchain infrastructure. Each module has three levels (entry, middle and advanced), and students, developers and blockchain enthusiasts are welcome to apply to the engineer qualification programme.

Successful applicants will not only master skills for developing blockchain apps, but also be granted endorsements from both CSDN and Bitcoin Association, which will fast-track their blockchain career development.