Darren Kellenscwiler on BA

Darren Kellenschwiler

Head of Application Development

Darren is the CTO of Elas and Developer Community Manager of BSV Blockchain Association.

He is a serial entrepreneur with an insatiable desire to understand and improve. He was born in Switzerland and raised in Scotland, and educated in electronics engineering, with a keen interest in the psychology of perception.

In 2013, Darren’s exposure to Bitcoin sparked a total reorientation. He sold his marketing business, learned to code, and moved to London to connect with great minds and explore the financial services and its security sectors.

After launching and selling several BSV blockchain applications, he is now responsible for overseeing and developing Elas’ private ledger technology.

Most recently, Darren contributed to the development of the Lite Client Toolbox at nChain in London before moving to Austin, Texas, where he now remotely manages the developer community with the BSV Blockchain Association.