Blockchain for Construction – Idea Jam!

London, United Kingdom, February 23, 2022

London Skyline in Big Ben at Night

Calling all creators, innovators and start-up game-changers keen to explore industry challenges, inefficiencies and needs.

Are you an entrepreneur/problem solver/ideator looking for a challenge? Welcome!

Are you looking to step into entrepreneurship? Welcome!

The Satoshi Block Dojo is hosting a unique event, to shape the next generation of globally disruptive enterprise innovation, utilising blockchain technology.

This event is the first event of its kind, which focusses on problem solving and commercial ideation.

We bring together industry professionals with deep knowledge of the problems, needs and challenges in their domains, to meet entrepreneurs and innovators, to come up ith the best ideas for addressing the issues.

Understanding the problem is key to developing viable solutions. Showcase your skills in problem and market analysis! Work with skilled professionals to learn how to identify problems and ideate potential solutions.


Agenda for the day:

  • Introductions
  • Moderated talks by the industry professionals – Horizons scanning in the Construction sector
  • Break out into groups for the ideation Jam (interactive idea capture, challenge and distillation)
  • Presentations and feedback
  • Networking

Our panel of industry professionals will judge the ideas. The best ones will be invite to apply for a place on the Satoshi Block Incubator program which starts in Jan 2022.


About Us

While we’re similar to Techstars, YCombinator or Entrepreneur First – we’re also miles different! We are creating a Dojo that is unparalleled, especially when it comes to the Bitcoin/Blockchain evolution. It is our view that Blockchain is set to scale, to become the ‘network of networks’ and thus the commercial backbone of the internet. Our Dojo in East London will ‘hot-house’ startups for a 12-week intensive training programme, three times a year, with around 10 companies per Cohort.