Smart Logistics with Blockchains

Online, May 17, 2022

Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup: APAC

DIGILOGIC introduces a Tech Talk with Josef Kamphues, Fraunhofer IML about Smart Logistics with Blockchains!


About this event

The blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) offers high innovation potential for logistics. Transactions can take place without delay, operational trading risks are minimized, and manual errors and coordination problems are reduced.

Nowadays, reconciliations between customers and companies had to take place manually or semi-automatically; the blockchain could automate this process in the long term. DLT can improve transparency and reduce costs in the interactions between companies, individuals, and public organizations. Blockchain-enabled IoT devices enable real-time data collection and autonomous real-time control of supply chains. The secure integration of physical and monetarily relevant processes into a blockchain-based ecosystem ensures horizontal and vertical networking.

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