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George Siosi Samuels

Founder, Honā

Managing Director, Faiā

George is the Managing Director of community-tech consultancy, Faiā, and founder of a blockchain-based accountability platform called Honā. Featured by the likes of Tech In Asia, Rest of World, Slack, and Adobe, he’s passionate about bridging gaps between communities and technology. He was awarded an “Excellence in Finance Leaders” award at FiNext Conference Dubai 2020. 

Recently, he helped facilitate a deal resulting in the Government of Tuvalu adopting blockchain technology as part of its national digital transformation efforts, moving towards electronic cash and paper-less operations. With mixed cultural heritage, and a “third-cultured” upbringing, he’s also had a diverse career spanning sales, marketing, business development, community management, programming, and even animation. When not building businesses or communities, he enjoys trying out new teas, playing strategy games like Weiqi (Go), and spending time with loved ones.