DotWallet’s New Platform Function

By Press Release Published: April 13, 2021
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DotWallet is proud to today introduce Trading Assets – asset trading functionality to its asset management service Cards.

Cards allows DotWallet users to create new assets and manage existing ones, making the creation and use of tokens practical for a variety of use cases and businesses.

Now, users are able to push customised buy/sell orders to the market, allowing for peer-to-peer transactions between buyer and seller for the efficient transfer of tokens created on the platform.


Six Features of Trading Assets


Market Determines the Value of Tokens

With both the Cards and Trading Assets functions of DotWallet now fully active, the whole process of asset trading is done on a peer-to-peer basis; the information of the buyer and the seller is synchronized, allowing for the development of a true market for these assets. The Trading Assets entry in each asset card will only display the current asset trading market to facilitate users in finding trading pairs they need.

The new version of Cards has also added an edit function, which supports the editing of asset descriptions and other advanced functions. After users release an asset card, they can edit or modify them through the edit function. One of the more advanced functions allows users to use Cards to redirect to blogs, applications, or websites. This allows users to experience diverse scenarios in one click using Bitcoin SV, greatly enhancing the user experience. To meet the increasing demands of BSV users, the DotWallet team has also updated Cards to allow each card to add up to 5 advanced functions.


About DotWallet

DotWallet is a lightweight wallet allowing users to easily manage their digital assets. It is currently the most widely used BSV wallet, serving more than a million users in over 150 countries. Visit for more information.

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