DotWallet upgrades Badges and introduces Touchstone

By Alex Speirs Published: March 18, 2021

‘Badge service is developed by DotWallet. It is a milestone to build a tokenized world. The birth of the Touchstone function has made Badge transactions decentralized, ensuring that the token is technically genuine and effective.’ —DotWallet Team

What is Badge?

Badge is a service that bridges Bitcoin SV and real application scenarios.

Bitcoin SV aims to realise Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision. It is a universal peer-to-peer system of electronic cash and data network. The Badge service jointly launched by the DotWallet and sCrypt teams makes the creation and management of tokens on Bitcoin SV easy. It is in line with the original mission of Bitcoin SV development, providing a platform for the development of commercial and enterprise applications.

Up until now, nearly a hundred different individual developers and teams have created a wide-range of exclusive tokens on the DotWallet for Developers platform, including OVT from SatoPlay, membership card CUMC and Bsvok tokens from blockchain navigation websites. It has greatly enriched the user experience and promoted the continued prosperity of the Bitcoin SV community.

What is Touchstone?

Touchstone is an independent verification service that enhances the credibility of Badge transactions.

To enhance the security and stability of the Badge, DotWallet has been continuously improving and launched the Touchstone to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of each badge transaction.

The source code of Touchstone will be publicly available on DotWallet Github. Anyone can freely consult, copy and use the codes. Therefore, users can independently verify the badge transaction without going through the DotWallet for Developers platform.


Key features of Touchstone:

  1. Independent verification of transaction legitimacy: 

Based on the Touchstone function, each operator or payee can independently verify the legitimacy and authenticity of the Badge transaction, enabling real-time on-chain tracking.

  1. Achieve high-volume transactions and instant payments: 

With the help of UTXO technology, when tokens are issued using Badge service, multiple requests can be processed at the same time.

  1. One-click recovery on the Bitcoin SV blockchain:

On any platform that supports the Badge service, the token assets can be recovered from the chain through the BSV mnemonic (seed phrase);

The launch of the Touchstone will empower the Badge service from a technical level. It effectively protects the rights and interests of token issuers and payees with credibility, and transaction security.

Touchstone is live now – check it out!