EHR Data Launches EHR Data Wavemakers

By Press Release Published: March 4, 2021

EHR Data Wavemakers launch social media campaign to share stories of obstacles in retrieving, sharing, and owning personal health data.

FORT WORTH, Texas, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EHR Data announces the launch of its advocacy movement, EHR Data Wavemakers. The purpose of this movement is to encourage, educate, and support individuals on the journey to patient empowerment. EHR Data firmly believes people will lead better, healthier lives if they have unfettered access and control of their personal health information.

EHR Data is founded on the fervent belief that improving the way care is delivered and to optimize the health outcomes of people globally, data access and ownership must be transformed. The current methods of storing and sharing data are limited and inefficient. Healthcare data is spread out in siloed, disparate systems that typically do not communicate with each other. All too often, healthcare providers and patients do not have broad access to complete, real-time health records when they need them.

“Times are changing, and a greater focus is being placed on interoperability and the patients’ absolute right to increased access to their health data. We will spearhead and shepherd this process; it’s high time that there was a centralized location for healthcare data, controlled and permissioned by the patient that they and their team of providers can access at any time,” Ron Austring, Chief Scientist, said.

By placing health data ownership in the patient’s hands, the EHR Data utility empowers individuals to securely own and control their personal medical information, while also offering healthcare providers and researchers better real-time access to data. EHR Data is leveraging the latest blockchain technology to demonstrate that interoperability is possible between disparate healthcare systems.

The EHR Data Wavemakers movement will be driven by community outreach and social media to spotlight the conversation of data ownership and to inspire the industry to change. A key component of this movement is the digital campaign, My EHR Story. By utilizing the #myEHRstory hashtag, patients, caregivers, and loved ones are encouraged to share via social media how a past healthcare data or communication failure negatively impacted care.

“We must get people fired up about owning their data so that they can be empowered to own their health. It’s going to take a groundswell of people demanding change—making waves—to change the tides on data ownership and access,” explained Tracy Hill, EVP.

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