Bitcoin SV


A continuación se presentan los eventos y encuentros patrocinados por la Bitcoin Association


Past Events

Event Location Date
DotCamp for BSV Fuzhou, China January 3, 2020
BSV China Conference Beijing, China December 7, 2019
SiGMA Malta November 27, 2019
3rd International Payments Expo Vienna, Austria November 21, 2019
Malta Blockchain & AI Summit Malta November 7, 2019
The Future of Money and Digital Payments London, United Kingdom November 7, 2019
MoneyConf Lisbon, Portugal November 5, 2019
Int’l Corporate Counsel College Rüschlikon, Switzerland October 24, 2019
Metanet Society: The Bitcoin Vision Cambridge, UK October 17, 2019
CC Forum – Blockchain, AI & Digital Innovation London, United Kingdom October 15, 2019
CHAINSIGHTS – CHAINDD New York, USA October 10, 2019
CoinGeek Seoul Seoul, Korea October 1, 2019
Blockchain Enterprise Days 2019 Frankfurt, Germany September 18, 2019
IntelliSys 2019 London, UK September 5, 2019
International Blockchain Summit Irkutsk, Russia August 8, 2019


Past Meetups

Event Location Date
Bitcoin SV Meetup Tel-Aviv Tel-Aviv, Israel January 23, 2020
New Zealand Bitcoin SV Meetup Tauranga, New Zealand January 15, 2020
Tokyo Bitcoin SV Meetup Tokyo, Japan January 14, 2020
Boston Bitcoin SV Meetup Boston, USA January 13, 2020
Valencia Bitcoin SV Meetup Valencia, Spain January 11, 2020
Beijing Bitcoin SV Meetup Beijing, China January 11, 2020
Bitcoin SV Wales Meetup Cardiff, UK January 9, 2020
San Francisco Bitcoin SV Meetup San Francisco, USA January 8, 2020
Chicago Bitcoin SV Meetup Chicago, USA January 4, 2020
Tel-Aviv Bitcoin SV Meetup Tel-Aviv, Israel December 19, 2019
Singapore Bitcoin SV Meetup Singapore December 18, 2019
Bitcoin SV Meetup S. Korea Seoul, S. Korea December 16, 2019
SF Bitcoin SV Meetup San Francisco, USA December 16, 2019
Valencia Bitcoin SV Meetup Valencia, Spain December 14, 2019
Berlin Bitcoin SV Meetup Berlin, Germany December 12, 2019

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