Blockchain in business Sydney conference 2022

Wesley Mission Sydney 220 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia, November 17, 2022

Australia Skyline

About this event

Rarely do blockchain conferences focus on what businesses need and what solutions are available before them. This conference is different! We are a business focused blockchain conference, seeking to empower businesses in Sydney and abroad with the knowledge of latest technological solutions from the Blockchain sector. With new ideas and inventions coming from the most forward thinking minds in the blockchain space, right here in Australia. We talk to businesses to understand their challenges and their struggles, and we help navigate through the barriers that businesses face today. The event seeks to provide businesses with a rare learning opportunity into an otherwise difficult to understand world. We demonstrate real business solutions that are actively being used today, and we show what else possible today, and what is to come tomorrow.

Organisers: Webmaster Studios, KeyiTech, BSV BLOCKCHAIN