Building the Metaverse on the BSV Blockchain: BSV Networking Event

London, November 24, 2021

London Skyline

We warmly invite you to attend our event to discuss building the Metaverse on the BSV Blockchain.

Patrick Prinz (MD Bitcoin Association), Richard Boase (Co-Founder of the Satoshi Block Dojo) and Osmin Callis, (Block Dojo COO) will host a night of drinks and networking at the Boutique Workplace in Hoxton’s Curtain Road on Wednesday 24th November from 5pm to 9pm to discuss the opportunities for new entrepreneurs to build their visions on the BSV blockchain and explain how and why BSV will scale to encapsulate all aspects of the current blockchain industry.

If you would like to network with and talk to other people curious about blockchain or experts in the field, or you’re interested to come and network with other like minds from the BSV space, please come along!

Whether you are new to blockchain or a seasoned campaigner in the space, you are invited to share the company and insights of The Satoshi Block Dojo, which is an early-stage incubator looking to find innovative blockchain ideas and entrepreneurs to invest in.

The Bitcoin Association works to build a regulation-friendly ecosystem that fosters lawful conduct while facilitating innovation using all aspects of Bitcoin technology.

Places are limited so sign up soon!