Bitcoin SV Devcon

Online, May 15, 2021


Be a part of the future of blockchain with Bitcoin SV. Learn how the Bitcoin network works, why Bitcoin SV’s unbounded scaling is the only solution for enterprise-grade applications, as well as the tools you need to start building them, at Bitcoin SV DevCon.

With interactive sessions led by blockchain pioneers and experts from across the field, there’s never been a better way to prepare yourself for a career at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Who Should Attend

Bitcoin SV Developers

Bitcoin SV DevCon is a great opportunity for developers already working on the Bitcoin SV blockchain to hear the latest developments in the space first-hand from those at the vanguard and learn new skills to apply in a fast-changing sector.

Ethereum Developers

Many Bitcoin SV businesses were built by former Ethereum developers who required a stable protocol and higher transaction throughput than available on the Ethereum network. By moving to Bitcoin SV, there has been a tremendous cross-pollination of ideas between the two camps. With virtual machine and “world computer” ideas at the forefront of the Satoshi Vision, Bitcoin SV offers L1 and L2 tokenisation, virtual machines and powerful developer kits.

Bitcoin SV’s parallel block validation and uniquely efficient network connectivity, combined with the inherent efficiency of the UTXO model enables Ethereum developers to be limited only by their ambition – not by the network protocol! Bitcoin SV has MetaMask-style wallets, as well as a number of developers dedicated strictly to the creation of Ethereum-style virtual machines built on Bitcoin SV.

BSV DevCon is a great place to begin learning how to port apps and assets over to the only blockchain that scales and offers a truly stable protocol, Bitcoin SV.

Other Blockchain Developers

Developers with experience across the blockchain sphere often lament that protocol upgrades break their apps or that governance issues create unnecessary splits which create giant setbacks for their businesses. At BSV DevCon, learn about the fixed and stable Bitcoin SV protocol – one that won’t require hard forks to solve scaling issues in the future. It is governed by proof of work and has no protocol limits on scaling. The development environment is robust, and the DevCon is a great place to meet longtime Bitcoin developers, learn about the toolsets available to work with, as well as collaborate with fellow blockchain developers who have made the switch to the blockchain for business.

Non-Blockchain Developers

The development of blockchain technologies has been hampered for too long by a lack of understanding about the technology and its abilities, concerns about the stability of the underlying protocol, in addition to questions about how the various networks would perform at scale.

Bitcoin SV offers a remedy to these concerns and BSV DevCon is the perfect place to learn how!

Discover how the fixed and stable Bitcoin SV protocol, together with unbounded scaling, and safe, instant transactions, provides a blockchain platform capable of support enterprise-grade applications and use cases.