Breaking Bitcoin – The “KEK” of ordinal NFTs on BTC

Breaking Bitcoin - The "KEK" of ordinal NFTs on BTC - 2307 Broadway · New York, NY, March 9, 2023

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A Community Discussion pertaining to the consequences of Ordinal NFT’s on the Bitcoin BTC Blockchain.


Ordinals have always existed in Bitcoin. Think of the word Co-Ordinate. Every Satoshi has a space in memory therefore every satoshi has a unique identifier. With the Taproot upgrade these unique satoshis have been pinned to data uploaded to segwit, effectively creating on chain NFT’s.

Event Structure:

Looking to have an open forum where we can discuss in a casual environment the pros and cons with the advent of ordinal NFT’s on BTC. The Meetup is to be hosted by long time Bitcoin advocate Randy Schwarz and Eric?

Due to the nature of this discussion we are syndicating this across many different platforms and meetup groups.

Some topics may include:

1. National Security Issues
2. High Fee impact from flooding Seg Wit
3. Uncensorable Data and Free Speech
4. The adoption of Ordinals on other Proof Of Work UTXO based coins.

Note: At some point there most likely will be a tech demo